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And Speaking of the Lohans, Here’s Ali’s New Modeling Photos!

photo of ali lohan pictures photos modeling pic
Do any of you covet freckles? I do. I kind of have this odd olive skin that more often looks yellow when I don’t have a summer tan, and I think freckles are just darling. And now that Lindsay Lohan kind of melted her skin with all of the meth and crack, and it’s almost impossible to admire her formerly-lovely skin, we’ll just have to go and settle for Ali. I know it’s kind of like preferring Ashlee Simpson to Jessica, but it’s the sign of the times in which we live, guys. ALI LOHAN FOREVER.

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  • Ali looka lika man! With really bad freckles that should have been photo shopped out. Fat freckle arms wow still looks way better than her ratty sis.

  • “Chocolate ChipSplosion” (worst name ever) – freckles aren’t “really bad.” Your ideals of beauty are obviously very limited. And, yes, I do have freckles but mine are really bad – they told me to tell you “Fuck you!”

  • holy crap. she looks like an actual, high-fashion model. and the freckles, btw, add to her “look” i guess. they look nothing like chest hair. you guys are idiots.