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Quotables: Paul Bettany Is Kind of A Sourpuss

A photo of Paul Bettany

“I loathe the movie business. I love making films but I loathe the business. It’s kind of repulsive. And I hate to be one of those actors moaning about how the films were better in the past, but f*ck me, films were just better in the past. Know what I mean? The ’70s – f*ck. I’ve made some bad movies, but some of those bad movies have been other people’s dreams, so it would be sort of inelegant to tread on all that. I’ve made movies because I’ve thought, ‘God I really want my kids to have a house in the country.’ It’s depressing, not being in charge of one’s destiny. So what you have the power to do as an actor is the power to say no. You don’t have the power to say yes.”

– Poor Paul Bettany has his panties in a bunch about his poor sad life.

I love Paul Bettany, I do. He’s been in some damn good movies, too. A Knight’s Tale will always be incredibly close to my heart, as will A Beautiful Mind. But, um, he’s also been in some pretty awful ones (Wimbledon, am I right?). But Jesus, Paul, get a grip. Settle down, have a cup of tea, cuddle up with Jennifer Connelly, and just call it a day, because I can’t listen to this whining anymore.

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  • He could make his own movies, but he does not want the financial risk. Other people’s money means other people’s rules. When you have Jennifer Connolly as a wife, you have lost your right to complain.

  • Aw, poor baby. Getting wildly overpaid to pretend to be someone else, just like little kids do? Please, I’ve got some really crappy work that needs doing if he’s looking to purge his soul and have a “meaningful” job.