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Heidi Montag Turns Twenty-Five, Various Heidi Montag Body Parts Turn Two

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Color me stupid, but I almost fell off my chair when I read that Heidi Montag is only twenty-five. She’s only twenty-five. That means she was practically a CHILD when she had all this crazy plastic surgery. Man, what a shame. What an even-more-of a shame.

Wow. So yeah, Heidi Montag turned twenty-five and celebrated her quarter-century on earth in Las Vegas, where she pretended it wasn’t difficult for her to stand up straight with those things while making eye contact with her “peers.”

In honor of Heidi’s 25th, I’ve compiled a gallery of photos from when she looked normal. Amazing, all that plastic surgery and it did nothing for the girl. Living proof here that some things really are just better left alone.

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  • You know, she was smokin’ before the knife, and baby girl can ski. Two things that I have always looked for in the perfect woman. I knew her dad from my old ski racing days, too bad she became such a fame whore. Do you, Miss Sarah, perchance, happen to ski?

  • Sad what poor self esteem can do to a lovely woman. Shame on her husband for allowing her to feel the need to do such a thing to herself. So ugly and sad

  • Do we know what her cup size is now? Cuz I have natural GGs and I CANT BELIEVE anyone would willingly deal with boobs that large. Its not hot, its just big and heavy. Oof.

  • But she was so BEAUTIFUL before. I just don’t understand WHY you would do that to yourself, so sad.

  • truly a homely woman ..
    competitive, slanderous , deceitful …
    to be so vain & narcissistic with a big ol’ head & tiny short stump legs is beyond hilarious ..
    a true ass clown …