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Deena and Snooki Hooked Up on Last Night’s Jersey Shore

photo of deena and snooki making out in italy pictures photos pics

You want to hear something funny, too? I was flipping through the channels late last night, lamenting the fact that, despite having over a thousand channels, there’s still nothing good on television. Not that I ever really even watch television – except for football and old Twilight Zone episodes – but it’s occasionally nice to find something to numb your mind in a bout of insomnia, when a book just isn’t cutting it because you’ve read so much of it so far that your ass is turning to stone. Anyway, I saw that Jersey Shore was on, and for a fleeting second, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I watch … Yeah. No.” And I watched an old episode of Frasier instead.

And good thing, too. Because these two sloppy, drunken wildebeests decided to make out. Together, in front of everyone. Mouths open and all. And then they capped the night off by sharing a bed. How cute?

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