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LeAnn Rimes Went Out to Eat (!) With Her Douchestick Husband

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This lady just keeps getting more and more popular on this site as the days go by! And Eddie Cibrian, woo! If it weren’t for LeAnn being such an anti-food diva, we might not even know – or care – who this dude is! All in all, Eddie’s hit the big time, and I think if LeAnn were to walk away right now (as if; I hear she has a hard time getting around without Eddie trailing around behind her like some kind of kabuki death mask of digestion doom) poor Eddie’d be lost like LeAnn’s old teeth.

Incidentally, what, oh what is Eddie drinking in his photo? Is that a buttery nipples triple-shooter? Is that what that is? Because if it is, boy. I am not surprised at all.

photo of eddie cibrian pictures photos

Lastly, if LeAnn gets any thinner, I think her face is going to invert itself and then we’ll really see what LeAnn RIMES is like on the inside. I hear it’s pretty scary. Like, Hellraiser-scary.

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