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Hey, Have You Seen Ali Lohan Lately?

A photo of Ali Lohan

You know, Lindsay‘s little sister, Ali? The 17-year-old model? The girl in both pictures above?

This is terrifying, right? These pictures were taken a couple of years apart, and of course teenagers will grow into their features in those important years, but what you’re seeing up there is not natural, not even a little bit. It’s gross and shady and it’s not ok.

Here’s the statement from the director of Ali’s modelling agency:

“Contrary to recent reports, I can confirm that Aliana Lohan has not had any surgery. As a young girl who is growing up, it’s natural for her facial features to change slightly, and we see this with many of the younger models we represent. Aliana is a beautiful 17-year-old girl who is growing into her face and body, as is the norm for someone of her age. We take pastoral care of our models very seriously and encourage the models to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body shape.”

Ali’s sweetheart of a big sister, Lindsay, also chimed in with a decidedly more simple comment:  “She has never.”  Like we’d start believing her now.

Image courtesy of E! Online

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  • I seriously cannot believe that the girl in the second picture is the same person. No matter how much she looks like Dina…

  • monsteeeeeer. however i dont think she had much done.i think she only had collagen injections for fuller lips.

  • “We take pastoral care of our models very seriously and encourage the models to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body shape.”

    From the full body shots you can tell this is severe weight-loss. Anorexia? I’m not a doctor so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve seen it before and this is the sunken, pulled, thin-skinned look of it. Very sad. That quote from the modeling agency is a joke.

  • She looks like my ex-boyfriend from high school. He had that whole sexy-as-hell “I could drop dead from starvation at any moment” thing going on. Hawt.

  • um the only real difference is shes lost her baby fat like Lindsay did when she was 17 and has fuller penciled eyebrows??!! Those shots were taken 2 years apart so they are really not valid for comparison tbh. She’s also sucking in her cheeks quite a bit which is why she looks so severely gaunt.

  • ya know, it’s funny how this little broad’s pimp mom is always like “how dare you people; she’s just a CHILD,” when it’s more like “…you should have learned the first time around – KEEP YOUR OFFSPRING OUT OF AN INDUSTRY WHICH WILL CHEW YOU UP & SPIT YOU OUT.” idiots. all of ’em.

  • There are very definite black lines around her cheek as stated by “Meh”. It’s a very sorry excuse for photo editing and was probably done on something as amateur as Paint. When more photos from this night are published, we’ll see the unedited versions which I very much doubt will be this shocking.