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Kate Gosselin Is Never Going Away

A photo of Kate Gosselin

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Kate Gosselin and her awful show are on the brink of being taken away from us forever, and not a moment too soon. It’s been a good few years that we’ve had to hear about all the baby drama and midlife crises, but at last, it’s coming to an end. OR IS IT?

Here’s the most terrifying Kate Gosselin quote I’ve ever read:

“I want to stay in TV because I feel comfortable there, it’s an exciting life. I’d really love to find a place of my own on a talk show or something like that. I’ll be back. This is too much fun not to find a way back.”

You can’t threaten us like this, Kate.  We will not be bullied. Your time has come, so go gracefully. Fade away, softly and quietly, and we will remember you with fondness in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Right, you guys?

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  • This narcissistic ,greedy self absorb bitch DOES NOT have the personality for t.v. .Please stop the nonsense and just get a job give your kid’s a chance to have a normal life and go away and seek mental help that you so desperately need …Kate the truth is people do not like you ..bottom line you SUCK!!!