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I Guess Lady Gaga Goes for ‘Titillating’ in New Video, Is That What That Is?

This would be one of five “fashion films” that Lady Gaga‘s made for her latest single, ‘You and I,’ and while I’m not sure what this means as far as it not being a regular old music video, it’s superior to pretty much any video she’s done in the past (and coming from me, that’s not saying a whole lot).

Also, she looks way better au natural. Why can’t she look like this more often? I might take her a little more seriously.

What do you guys think?

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  • I think she looks absolutely lovely like this, but that we’d have no idea who she was if she wasn’t so ostentatious all the time.

  • I am personally offended by this creature. She is a carbon copy of about every female artist from the 80/90’s and especially Madonna. I was a kid/teen during Madonna’s prime and back then I thought she was a arrogant, talentless twat. Just as I thought she was finally gone KAKA comes and thinks nobody is going to realize her ripping everybody off. She has a mediocre voice and the mental diarrhea she spews is making me gag. “I hate money” for example. Well, I do so send it my way if you don’t need it. Yech….somebody please make it go away. Cool site is