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Anna Paquin Plays a Teenager in Margaret

So, to recap, Anna Paquin plays a teenager (which is so crazy; this woman is going to be thirty and she still shows no signs of aging) who accidentally helps cause a bus accident that kills a pedestrian. Mark Ruffalo is the equally-young-looking bus driver who has a family to support, Matt Damon (who looks about twelve in this flick – when the hell was this actually filmed, 1999?) is a teacher who hooks up with Anna’s character, and Ferris Bueller makes a cameo appearance where he reads poetry a la ‘Margaret.’

If you can get past the inappropriate-because-a-woman-is-dead coming-of-age music halfway through the trailer and put yourself in the place of the characters instead of watching it through a third party’s eyes, this movie could be really interesting. Not, you know, interesting enough to see in a theater, but interesting enough to stick in your Netflix queue after you’ve had two glasses of wine and you’re through watching the second season of Dexter or whatever.

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