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Did You Guys Watch Toddlers and Tiaras This Week?

I didn’t. My boyfriend is really good about my trashy TV addiction – he watches Bridezillas marathons with me and makes jokes, ok, I really can’t complain – but he draws the line at Toddlers and Tiaras. Something about exploiting children or whatever. And usually that’s fine, I understand, but it hurt this week when I saw clips. For one, this week’s episode featured a little 4-year-old girl dressed as one of my idols, Dolly Parton. And for two, it took place in my very own hometown.

Sure, this little girl’s mom actually put some padded boobs and a padded ass on her child. But hey, it’s what she used to wear when she was a little girl in pageants, it’s family tradition! Some people might say that this is horrible parenting, or shady parenting at the very best. But I say “nay!”* As a product of the same environment**, I completely understand the cultural ties to the legendary Dolly Parton, and furthermore, I wish that I had been afforded the same opportunity***!

What did you guys think about this week’s episode?

*I don’t, you guys. That’s sarcasm.
**Yes, this hurt to write.
***I do not wish that. The head lice and my first period were enough to scar my childhood.

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  • I sat down a couple of days ago to watch some rare tee-vee. This was on.

    I’m fairly jaded. I can (and have) read all of DeSade’s work without so much as batting an eye. Autopsies aren’t an issue. I can watch hardcore video that would likely make you blanch. While eating.

    I can’t watch this. I can only assume that I’m just not the target audience. I assume that this show works differently for women; particularly women with children.

    I’d been meaning to catch a few minutes of it for a while because I was curious. I guess I didn’t know what to expect. I believe I had the same feeling as watching animal abuse videos.

    Sadly, if I were still in college I would do my thesis on this. It’s sociology and psychology gold. I mean, kids screwed up, moms screwed way-the-hell-up in an obviously regressive-projective childhood kinda way, and dads? I wonder how many of these moms are single? Do the dads know? Gold, I tell you. Platinum even.

    In fact, I’d suggest that when they do tests for pedophilia (phallometric testing), they could just use this.

    Actually, I was horrified. That’s saying something. I consider this both child abuse and horrific parenting. This show is right down there with Jerry Springer.