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Yeah, Here’s the Total Suckitude That is Footloose 2.0

This is the second trailer released in the past few weeks for the new Footloose reboot, and if you weren’t completely convinced by the first trailer that this movie was going to blow goats, this should really do you in for the day.

First, I didn’t really realize just how many explosions I must have missed during the original film. Also? My massive respect for Dennis Quaid, who’d only recently made amends with The Day After Tomorrow, has waned. Do we really want to go back to doing stuff like Spongebob Squarepants and Dinner With Friends, Dennis? Do we?

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  • Nope, no way. Kevin (who I madly lusted for),Lori and John will always be Footloose for me. I still watch it occasionally! I’m excited about many reboots out there but this is definitely not one of them. Not going to watch it.