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Here We Have A Video of Lindsay Lohan Buying Drugs

Well, allegedly. We have a video of Lindsay Lohan buying drugs allegedly. Which is way different.

To be fair, I’ve only seen a handful of drug deals go down in my life, and most of them happened when I was a preteen, so I don’t feel 100% confident saying that yes, Lindsay is definitely purchasing some sort of illegal substance here. But for any of you who are more street smart than me (which would probably be all of you), the real action starts going down around the 1:40 mark. You can see a baggie full of something being passed off, and the whole thing just looks so shady. Plus, you know, it’s Lindsay, so yeah, I’m leaning towards this being a deal caught on video.

However, according to Lindsay’s publicist – and what a taxing job that man must have – there wasn’t no drug deal, no way, no how:

Lindsay Lohan’s powerhouse publicist, Steve Honig has denied his client was doing anything wrong and blamed the paparazzi agency that took the video as: “Knowingly and consciously making inferences about Lindsay that are completely untrue, and creating a fictitious story to get more people to visit their site.

“We were not given a chance to comment on this story before it went up, and no effort was made to gather the facts about what actually occurred.

“When I addressed this with the agency, they told me ‘we’re not the New York Times.’ They have made a horrific mistake; the worst part is, they know it but don’t care.”

Well, ok, so if Lindsay wasn’t buying drugs, then what was she buying? has exclusively learned that the plastic bag did indeed contain various rocks and crystals — but they were  all of the legal variety – sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, all purchased by her pal from a store down the street.

Oh, ok!  My bad! Gosh, I feel so silly now, assuming that Lindsay was buying hard drugs and not rose quartz! Really, I could just kick myself over this whole big misunderstanding! Geez, what a way to kick off the morning, huh?

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  • Seen it all before….. this is def a drug score, you can tell by the nervousness that all involved displayed.

  • It does look really shifty, but I DOUBT someone as famous and photographed as lindsay would do a drug deal in broad daylight, with so many people walking by, in front if a building like that. So id put my vote in for no.

  • And we should believe her publicist (AKA paid liar), rather than our own two eyes?

    What is this a Groucho Marx comedy routine, when he’s caught in bed with another woman by his girlfriend and then saying, “I’m not really doing this – who are you going to believe, me or your own two eyes?”

  • yeah I dont think neither a famous actress nor a drug dealer would do a drug deal in broad daylight it’s just plain stupid! I guess she knew there were paparazzi and thought on all the attention this could get her…

  • I could have been convinced that this was not a drug deal, and I normally wouldn’t care either way. But their response is so dubious that I’m slightly intrigued. A baggie of stones? It’s unlikely that would you leave a store with merch in a baggie and not a strore bag. And why would you need a middle man to buy sea jasper? It’s such a dumb explanation.