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Quotables: LeAnn Rimes is “Perfect”

photo of super skinny anorexic leann rimes weight loss pictures pics

“I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.”

You know, that’s a really nice sentiment coming from a husband, about that whole perfect thing. I mean, I’ve been married to my husband for almost four years and I’ve never been told I’m perfect, but that’s OK, because we’re a realistic couple and I know I’m not; just as he knows he’s not. Do we love each other just the way we are?Absolutely. There’s no question about it. That being said: I wonder if LeAnn would still be considered “perfect” if she decided to, say, pack on fifty pounds? Would that still be OK with Eddie Cibrian then? I’d sure hope so.

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  • IMO,she was pretty ‘chubby’ compared to now a little more than a year ago.He could’ve dumped her then if that was a ‘problem’ for him.If he was/is behind her weightloss she would’ve kept her slim figure throughout their entire relationship or at least started the workout process already back then.I think people want to believe that simple because they don’t like her or them together and in their mind that ‘cheapens’ the relationship.Nobody is ‘perfect’,everyone knows that,but she may be ‘perfect’ to/for him.