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Just Because: Hugh Jackman Goes for A Swim

A photo of Hugh Jackman

I was in the middle of writing up an apology for showing you all these pictures of Hugh Jackman swimming with his cute kids without any kind of story involved before I thought “you know what? No.” Because if any additional transaction needs to go on right now, it would be a thank you card delivered straight to my inbox for being enough of a sweetheart to show you these beautiful pictures. And, after all, when have I ever needed an excuse to show you pretty pictures of Hugh Jackman, or any pretty pictures at all?

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  • Admittedly, he is SO not my type, but I’m certainly not daft enough to even DREAM of saying “no” to Hugh Jackman. While he is waaaaay older than anything, and his particular shoulder-to-hip ratio is not my ideal, his shoulders themselves (and deltoids, in particular) look delectable.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you.