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Demi Lovato Must Have Gone to See Harry Potter Last Night

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That’s the only way I can explain the pure anguish I see on her face in some of these photos. Pure, unadulterated anxiety over the loss of so many good Hogwarts students, friends, and house elves. General malaise that the series is now, officially, over. An air of unsettle … ment over what to do with all of her free time now (oh! Reread the entire series again! You know: what all the cool kids are doing I’m doing). I think we all feel your pain, girl. The world just isn’t going to be the same post-Potter.

Also. On a side note. What the hell does Demi‘s shirt say, and why is she toting a friend wearing the exact same shirt? “We only coke do diet?” I mean, is it some kind of soda ad written by someone who’s native language is not English?

Last thing: I’d make a comment about how much I detest her ugly-assed shoes, but I don’t want some of you guys to think that I have an insecurity problem or anything. That’d make me feel, like, totally insecure and stuff.

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