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Memo to Alicia Keys: LOSE THE SHORTS.

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Alicia Keys is a notoriously beautiful woman who NORMALLY has some pretty keen fashion sense, but girlfriend here was photographed wearing …. I don’t know what. Apparently the shortest, tightest, ROLL-UP jean shorts ever (I’m sorry, never a good idea on ANYONE; cuffed jean shorts? Please) coupled with gladiator sandals, all which make her legs look about a foot long.

Girl, I love you to pieces, and you’re gorgeous no matter what you wear, but this whole outfit here (gestures wildly)? Has just got to go.

Images courtesy of Splash News

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  • It’s articles like this that make girls believe they are not allowed to wear what they want in fear of being judged by strangers.

  • This is not like she’s on a gala’s carpet, I personnally think she’s OK here. This is not like she has to be glamour everyday…

  • 1) they are not that short.
    2) they are not that tight.

    She looks fine. Just because she doesn’t have model stick-thin legs doesn’t mean she can’t wear shorts.

  • I’m with previous posters. She’s fine. Don’t put your insecurities on her! (ps I would never go out like that, because I am insecure. But I think she looks good and more power to her).

    • you know that apparently makes you some kind of evil bitch, at least according to these others, right? haha

  • She knows she has big legs – she’s talked about it in interviews, as well as the fact that she can never wear tall boots because they’re always too small for her ankles. The fact that she knows this, and still wears tiny shorts because it’s ridiculously hot outside and she feels like it, makes me love her even more.

  • If you think she looks gorgeous no matter what she wears, then why are you telling her to not wear this? Why is this even a post? Please keep your own insecurities to yourself.

  • I’m sorry and I know this will offend virtually everyone, but unless you are a tiny, emaciated, pre-pubecent girl or look like one, you will always have trouble pulling off tiny tight shorts. With that being said, tiny girls can’t pull off anything that shows chest as they look like a tiny pre-pubecent boy. It’s about knowing what looks good on you and suits your body type instead of going with trends which are usually made at the emaciated body type in mind.

  • She looks fine, she’s dressed ok, I dont see the problem. She’s not Sidibe or Melissa MCCarthy after all, right?

  • first of all, i think sarah only said that the (ugly) shorts (from the early nineties, wash and all) look awful with those shoes. and they DO. they’d look awful on lindsey lohan too. the rest of you apparently have the insecurities because you’re all zeroing in on the fact that her legs are FAT. she’s got FAT LEGS. just because americans have the highest obesity rate in the world, its okay to pretend that its citizens aren’t overweight because someone doesn’t want to be offended? please.

    • We dont pretend our citizens arent overweight becuase someone doesnt want to be offended.. We know alot are and also know alot are not! The difference between us and You is we use courtesy and manners when talking about someone. Something as we can all see by the way you posted you dont have!! Also if you dont have something nice to say about someone dont say it at all!

  • Wow, why are so many people taking offense to this? Alicia Keys DOES look thicker than usual in this picture. The reason is that she is wearing shorts that are too short with Gladiator sandals. It’s not for everyone. Learn to dress your body type.

    • Ugh, thank you. I saw zero body-snarking here. And if we can’t all say, “Hey, don’t wear those shorts with those shoes,” what is left??? <3

  • Klephmet 1st off Your Wrong about the shorts not being in style. These shorts are very much in style. Just go to any store like aeropostale etc and these stores run out of these shorts as soon as they come in the stores!
    More Important your the One more than any one else Zeroing in and esphasizing leg size- Your the one posting in capital letters “her legs are FAT. she’s got FAT LEGS”. Posting in capital letters your yelling loudly about her legs. No one else is Your the loudest one here Zeroing on her legs. And as you said people who are zeroing on legs have the most insecurites. Since your the loudest one, zeroing in about her legs your Right. Your The One with the Most Insecurities in Life!!

  • alicia keys is a stunningly beautiful woman, but she simply does not have the body type to pull off those shorts. as a matter of fact, the average person (minus black men) would find her fat. im sorry, but alicia’s legs DO look fat here. she looks overweight. theres just no getting around it. and to the person saying anybody zeroing in on her legs is insecure, how the hell can you not zero in on her legs? look at them! i feel bad for saying that because i do think shes a sexy, classy woman but she is a BIG girl and her legs look like tree trunks. period.

  • You know what? It’s fucking hot outside. I’m not going to wear anything other than shorts when it’s 30ºC.

  • that girl has a banging body has the body every sister wish she had plenty hips thighs and ass dimples and all i don’t want no flat ass with no hips or thighs and a square waist line and as far as breasts goes when you got all those curves most brothers don’t care

  • She may well have ‘chunky’ legs compared to the rest of her body, but she has a lovely figure, her waist is tiny and we have all seen her in a cat suit and she looks great. She is a very pretty woman on a day out for goodness sake and good on her for having the confidence to wear something like that when most of us ‘normal’ girls are too scared.

  • I know she felt those shorts rubbing together ugh!!!, she could’ve worn anything else, if a random female that wasn’t a celebrity walking down the streets, we would have comments, so with all respect to AK, “NOT A GOOD LOOK’

  • shut the fuck up, if you have thighs you have cellulite. she can be hot or anorexic. and she is really really hot

  • She just had a baby a lil while ago. Burning that baby fat soon I hope.. But most black women don’t like to workout anyway….

    • You’re an idiot….. She is 1/2 white also did u forget….. And if she wanted to lose the weight I’m sure she’d spend the money to do so. She is being true to her God given baby having body! In which u’re prob still a virgin and never seen a body other than plastic or even had a girlfriend b4 anyway.

  • Man cut her some slack, it’s not easy losing that baby fat & she’s still beautiful! <3

  • All is protocole .if she decided to dress like that its becos she feels confortable and ready to go wether fat or not.

  • yeah! she looks bad, I bet that if she could see this pics she would think that herself!. If she doesn’t have the body type to wear short shorts she should wear another type, who cares if she’s fat? It all about looking good (and maybe not grossing people out too?) ha!

  • What’s wrong with cuffed jean shorts? I own a pair and wear them. You do realize it is summer and probably very hot in LA. If she was wearing spandex and not shorts it would be a completely different story. I love Alicia Keys and there is nothing wrong with what she’s wearing!