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Adrianne Curry Wanted Some Privacy, So She Sunned Topless on her Roof and then Put the Pictures on the Internet

photo of adrianne curry topless boobs tanning nude pics twitter photos

Makes sense, and what a classy girl, too!

She posted the first photo (above) saying, “topless tanning taken with my friend honor.” She later posted the SECOND photo, which is in the gallery, captioning it “topless tanning on mt roofdeck with my friend honor.” You know, just in case you didn’t catch it the first time. Or can’t read. And if you can’t read, what the hell are you doing on Twitter, just looking for almost-topless photos of chicks with bad implants who used to get it on with Peter Brady? Just because you can’t read doesn’t mean you can’t reach for the (real) stars, my friend.

And you, Adrianne? Just … ugh, girl. Come on now.

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  • This chick’s 15 minutes were up like 10 years ago!!!

    Desperate, desperate, desperate…

    How lucky was Chris to get out of that t.v. marriage??