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We Need to Praise Adele for A Minute

On this, my most emotional day of days (Harry Potter, you guys. I can’t talk about it yet. It’s just too much still), I figured I would take a little bit of time to say to say some thanks!

Remember all the way back in January when I told you a story about how Adele almost killed P. Diddy? And I was like “yeah, I don’t really listen to her music, and you guys were like “oh no, girl, that is not ok,” and you told me things to listen to by her. I did listen to those things, and I did enjoy them. Ok, now remember how for the past month or so “Rolling in the Deep” has been on the radio about a zillion times a day? Right, that’s what made me realize that it’s probably time to get serious about Adele. And you guys, did I ever.

I cannot physically bring myself to listen to anything other than her songs, I just can’t do it. When I hop on my iTunes and shuffle through in an attempt to stop, it somehow ignores my other 27 days worth of songs and goes straight back to Adele. It’s like “I got you, lady, I know what you need.” And it’s right.

So thanks for the awesome music! If you have any other suggestions of someone who might make me stop listening to “Someone Like You” on repeat for four hours while sobbing hysterically, I’d be totally open to that.

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  • My love for you knows no bounds.

    And yes, this song. Might be one of the most poignant ever.

  • Okay, I need to begin my suggestion with some . . . explanations.

    1) I have never, ever liked this artist before. Not as a person, and certainly not anything of hers that I have heard. Which is, admittedly, precious little. I think that this artist’s chin looks like a butt.

    2) This is NOT my favorite song. But I cannot stop listening to it. It is extremely evocative. I am listening to it right now. And I am all kinds of embarrassed to admit that — and it takes a lot to get me to admit to any such thing (my FAVORITE song? Even more shameful)

    3) I SO did not want to like this song. I saw that it was trending a few days ago, and thought: “No. Reality shows trend. Sportsball trends. Bieber trends.” And then one of my favorite pop artists recommended it.

    I am definitely talking about Skyscraper . . . by Demi Lovato. My first reaction was: “Intriguing. I wish that a better vocalist had done this.” Well, the joke’s on me, because, after three days, I have played Skyscraper more than 50 times on my iTunes alone — not to mention on YouTube and on my phone. It’s a beautiful, powerful song and I just. Cannot. Stop.

  • Birdy, she is a 15 year old singer from the UK. She sings the Bon Iver cover, “Skinny Love.” You can only listen to it on Itunes.

    You’re welcome in advance :D

  • It’s not exactly uplifting music compared to Adele, but you should listen to some Brandi Carlile. You can even ease into it by starting with an Adele cover of a Brandi Carlile song, Hiding My Heart:

    Anyway, Brandi’s voice and songs are magical. When I first got into her, I could not listen to anything but her for a good 6 months.

    • I’m in the process of listening to all these other musics, but I just had to stop and say that I LOVE Marina and the Diamonds. Love love love. “Hermit the Frog” is my very favorite. Awesome taste in music there, friend!

  • You have to listen to Laura Pausini, “If That’s Love.” Also anything by Eva Cassidy, although I adore “Somewhere Over the Rainbow and “Anniversary Song”

    Shivaree is great too. Her “Goodnight Moon” was featured in the Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack. Finally, I second the Brandi Carlile recommendation. She’s great.