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Quotables: Even MOAR Words of Octomom Wisdom

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“I personally cannot waste my energy fixating on the past and my past choices, regardless if they were good or bad choices … Learn to grow as a result of your choices, own and accept the responsibility of your choices and look forward because if you look back, what are you going to do, stab me? You’re just going to stab me forever and grow old.”

I’m sure if I sat and thought long and hard about what Nadya Suleman here was trying to say, I might be able to make some sort of sense out of it enough to agree with one of her words. Like, I don’t know, “grow” or something. Maybe even “choices.” Some of those words need to make sense, and perhaps – just possibly – if ordered in the right way, might give us some kind of indication as to what the hell this woman means.

Or, you know, not. Ever.

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  • I think she actually said “stagnate”, not “stab me”. She speaks pretty funnily and does not enunciate, so I guess at all sounds weird.

    • So a guy’s in a bar hitting on a hot blonde trollop…..

      ­”My wife doesn’t understand me.”
      “Well, maybe you should take some elocution lessons.”
      I kill me.

  • I agree.. I don’t like “Grow”, “choices”, “teachable moment” (that’s what your ding dong buddy Bam-Bam calls it), “national conversation”, “passionate” (code word for angry and hateful (two things I’m plenty of!)), “spiritual”, “connect”, etc.