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Quotables: Kim Cattrall Is So Sad

A photo of Kim Cattrall

“I’ve always wanted to have children. That never happened. And I thought, ‘Well, I’ll do it next year. I’ll do it after this film. And then there was, ‘Oh I’m single’… there is a feeling you give up a lot on this job, but you have to get a lot back, too. Luckily I have great friends and I have found a tremendous amount of happiness in mentoring young actors. They’re like my kids. [The price I’ve paid as an actor] is that I’ve been very lonely a lot in my life. I’ve had two marriages and I loved both my husbands very much, but I didn’t see very much of them. The length of my work days is really hard on relationships. You never see anybody and that’s a very tough thing for a woman.”

Kim Cattrall, lamenting her loneliness.

Ok, there’s no snark here, and no sarcasm. Really. I’m just sharing Kim’s quote here so we can all band together and hook her up with the people who give Angelina her children. The woman’s suffered through two Sex and the City movies, she deserves that much.  Let’s get Kim a baby and a break, Sandra Bullock style, what do you say?

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  • She should not have a baby if she cant spend time with it. If wants to buy one then she shouls scale back her hours.

  • That is the price she paid for being a Sick Misandrist Feminist!
    Sexist Feminist should not have children. We don’t need more hate.

      • you are the hater!!!!I totaly am in agreement with Anonymous WHAT GIVES THE RIGHT TO JUDGE WHO AND WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!!!

      • Yeah, unfortunately true. What is sad is there are SO many
        people that think, feel and are that way. It is too bad because they are so hateful and angry all the time that they don’t even realize they are spreading all that to everyone they come in contact with. They need to find out what is causing them to feel and react that way, maybe it can help them change.

    • ARE U AMISH? NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE HATERS!! If you were educated at ALL you would know that. ALSO if you knew ANYTHING about FEMINISM you would realize that if it WASN’T for the FEMINIST MOVEMENT, you could NOT rent an apt. by yourself, buy a house or car, have a cell phone, a credit card or checking acct. AND MORE! HOW do I know this? BECAUSE I WAS A SINGLE MOTHER OF A SON (NOT by choice, he got into drugs, alcohol and violence!) and LIVED it. I am not a hater but I am a feminist and believe a woman should be able to have the same opportunities in life and be able to raise their child in a safe neighborhood, be well fed, taken care of and loved. The mother and child should NEVER be punished for the criminal behavior of the father! I eventually got remarried to a loving man, my son grew to be a wonderful husband/father and is loved by everyone he knows. NOT EVERY FEMINIST IS A HATER, most just want to be able to have a decent living. HATERS can be from ANY GROUP. I think you may need to educate yourself, your ignorance is showing.

  • I’d help her out with a kid. I’m 37, and with my other half not able to carry, I’d help Kim have a kid, just so A) she can have a child and B) I could have a child to carry on my family name. Pass me along to her and we’ll discuss.

    • That is so disrespectful to your wife or partner, adopt and give a child your name and more importantly your love. Great to know you would throw your partner under the bus just so you can spread your seed to a perfect stranger (A$$hole) . I’m sorry for Kim but if she really wanted a child she would have made time obviously her career was more important which she even said was the cause to her failed marriages. Kids require time which she didn’t want to give up, but it’s never too late to be a mentor.

      • Dear Kim,
        Sometimes women realize at the end of their baby making years that they lost a huge part of their life. Adopt! I adopted and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am young at heart and at 44 I received my greatest gift. I found the faith of my youth, God sent me a Godly man…not perfect, but good. Then we adopted our little guy. He needed us and we needed him.
        You can ask for a child that does not have drug or alcohol background. It could just be two kids who got too frisky in the backseat, and could never abort.
        My son actually came from alcohol and drugs, and is a brilliant musician. We started a music school around him. He teaches music to young children at 15. We know he has anxiety, so I would never make him perform in front of people unless he wanted to, and never use drugs and alcohol. I think the 27 club, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix…people who died young might has musical genius, but maybe did not have the fearlessness to perform without drugs and alcohol. God will find a way. Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant you the desires of your Heart. You are worthy to be a Mother. You
        could give someone a wonderful life. Jana

    • I was unable to become pregnant( i had endrometriosis, fibroid tumors ect) we chose to adopt a baby- thought it was not the same as having our own baby it did fill the void somewhat.

      i now have 2 grandkids who i love dearly-

      • “filled the void somewhat”? “not the same as having our own baby”? I am adopted, and my parents NEVER thought that way. furthermore I hope you never tell your son or daughter those things. you are a horrid human being, and frankly, god probably didnt see you fit to procreate bc you are such a useless piece of trash. shame on you. you shouldnt have adopted, and I am GLAD you couldnt have biologicaly children you nasty, disgusting excuse for a woman.

      • Wow. Just, wow. My boyfriend is adopted, as well as several members of my family and reading this hurts my heart. You’re seriously a terrible person. K is right on the money with everything he/she said.

      • I am an adoptive mother and quite frankly I am terribly disturbed by your statements. I feel so very sad for your child. My daughter is the love of my life and from the moment she was placed in my arms it was completely irrelevant whether she grew in my womb or in my heart and dreams.

      • I was adopted and I can tell you that it is comments like yours that hurt for a lifetime. I hope your child does not read this post…fill the void…not the same…did you even stop to think what you were saying before you sent this in? God help your grandchildren if you are saying things like that to them.

      • What Wendy’s saying is true for her though.

        Adopting a baby isn’t the same as her having one of her own.

        I think you people’re being a little harsh here.

        I understand your points of view too, but adopting, to the mother, isn’t the same as having her own child.

        (And 1 year old necro-thread for the win.)

      • Please Angry pirate. As i stated in my comment previously wendy is an atrocious human being. Unless she meant that “its not the same” bc she didnt have to endure 9 miserable months of pregnancy her comment makes her unfit to be a mother of ANYONE much less a child that could have gone t parents who appreciate and love their adopted child bc they are “their own”.children are not like f-ing food. You dont “fill the void somewhat “with an adopted child like you would fill the void in your stomach with pasta wheb you really wanted pizza. Karma is a beeyotch and i can only hope it comes to get a pathetic creature such as wendy very soon. I only hope she wasnt stupid enough to open her vomit filled mouth and tell those things to her child, much less grandchild-which she so clearly does not deserve to be around. The fact that you defend her shows that you too know nexr to nothing and should reevaluate your shoddy princioles

  • I think that kim will make a wonderful mother, she has made her career her main goal now she has the time and the finances to devote to a child.

    • i agree- just because someone is a career woman does not mean they can;t be a good mother- DO NOT JUDGE UNLESS YOU ARE IN HER SITUATION!

  • Dear Kim
    you are the most beatuful woman i’ve ever seen don’t bother yourself for not having a baby,
    children these days are so bad, not respecting anyone, you can not teach them how to behave. if you are a litle tough on the the SAS will be on your back for a very long time they even take the kids from you and dump them in a foster home they think it’s better for the kids. especially you are a celebrity, they will make your life a living hell.
    so you should thank God for what you have and enjoy your life
    Love you Kimmy

  • I’m not quite young enough to be Kim’s child…but I would be thrilled to be mentored by her! :-)

  • Kim your great actress, when your in your 20 and 30 you bill a career then you have to start on a family, since your have good friends and other people you look after, things had a way of working themselves out.

  • Well, at least Ms. Catrall does not have to suffer the regret of having had children and having screwed up there lives by not being there for them. I’m a man in my 50’s and have never married or had children. I wanted to, but things didn’t work that way. I was always careful to use birth control and not cause unplanned pregnancies. However, I would rather have it be this way than to have had spread my seed indiscriminately and made children with a woman or women who would have neglected my children or neglecting them myself. I hope Ms. Catrall can find a measure of contentment in life.

  • I am adopted and it was horrible. My adopted mom always would say really mean things to me. One thing she always said was if you came from me you wouldn’t act like that. She was very abusive mentally physically and emotionally. She was and is an evil person.

  • Kim is obviously a beautiful and exceptionally talented lady. Her value as a person is not defined by parenthood but by the sharing of what she has worked so hard to attain. Few people spend the time to give of themselves to others especially non-relatives. Without her devotion we as a society would not have her gift as an entertainer and improved performances from those she has mentored.
    Kim you have my respect and gratitued and I wish you well and comfort in knowing there are those that appreciate your accomplishments.