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Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce, Adopts Baby Boy

Well, I totally saw her divorce coming, but the newborn baby adoption has definitely got me kind of thrown, for real.

According to an exclusive interview with People, Sandra claims that she adopted her new baby boy, Louis, a New Orleans native, about three months ago. The process was started over four years ago and Bullock was finally able to bring him home this past January. Sandra states that the child was named after the other Louis that happened to be a New Orleans native — Louis Armstrong.

This is the first interview Bullock has sat for since news broke about her husband’s wandering eye weeks ago. She also confirms that she has filed for divorce. During the interview, the topic that’s been on everyone’s minds since James was photographed in Nazi garb emerged — Did Sandra know anything at all about his sordid obsession with Hitler and his army? Bullock states that she absolutely had no idea:

“The photo shocked me and made me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.

Sandra states that she has all intentions of raising her new son, Louis, as a single parent.

Good luck, girl, and really … you’ve given me even more of a reason to think that you have a stellar character.

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  • I didn’t really care much either way about Sandy B. before this whole fiasco, but she’s really growing on me. She seems like a very strong-willed and grounded woman.

    But I couldn’t help but wonder…is she trying to re-create her own, real-life Blind Side?

    • PAY ATTENTION – “The process was started over four years ago”

      Long before The Blind Side was even an idea in Hollywood.


      • I was hoping that since I started that sentence as Carrie Bradshaw it would translate as: Not fucking serious.

        Is this thing on?

      • The book ‘The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game’ came out in 2006. It was a bestseller written by Michael Lewis, a high profile author (Vanity Fair) with a history of bestsellers (Moneyball, Liar’s Poker).
        It’s not so far-fetched that this story — and ‘The Blind Side’ film role that Sandra Bullock reportedly turned down before ultimately taking — could have been part of what inspired Sandra Bullock to adopt as she did.
        As long as Sandra Bullock embraces adoption/motherhood committed and with her eyes open, the back story of what inspired her to adopt a child is not that big of a deal insofar as it relates to her parenting.

      • Yes, details are boring. You’re so right. Thank you for your insightful commentary. Now buzz off.

      • FUCK TARD er..skeelo,

        The book came out in 06. The movie wasn’t optioned until late 07. Figure another six months before Sandra even considered and agreed to doing the movie.

        The adoption had already been at least 18 months along by then.

        Why don’t you conspiracy theorists stick to skyscrapers, lunar landings, and presidential assassinations.

        get a life….

      • Not too smart, are you? The story was out as soon as (and even before) the book came out, sucker.
        Do you think that life starts after the movie rights are sold? Could be a new abortion debate. A star of Sandra Bullock’s caliber often hears about books that may be viable movie project well before those books are published.
        By the way, it’s a hoot having the lifeless “Good Lord” tell me to get a life.

      • yes your right, the studio actually bought the rights to the book and had a final script in hand BEFORE the book was even fucking published.

        The following is complete conjecture.

        “A star of Sandra Bullock’s caliber often hears about books that may be viable movie project well before those books are published”

        How could she have heard about the book if it hadn’t been published yet or hadn’t been picked up by a studio? Highly fucking unlikely, unless she knew the author.

        Face it, you hate her because she adopted a black kid. You are a racist.

        Are you a friend of Jesse’s?

        SIEG HEIL!!

      • You apparently don’t know much about multimedia. Executives talk about projects across platforms. Every major studio has publishing contacts in their rolodex and vice-versa.
        If a book is a possible movie, somebody at the publishing house is likely talking to filmmakers, sooner rather than later. And filmmakers in turn are talking to their stars. No conjecture needed. Books projects are often on radar well before their movie rights are optioned.
        At this point, you’re simply being discursive, creating fanciful words that I never said nor implied, and not going anywhere with your argument or stance. You’re now resorting to juvenile tactics, which is my exit cue. Goodbye. Good riddance.

  • whaaaa?

    Yeah. Definitely did NOT see this one coming. I was always indifferent about Sandra Bullock before all this started happening. I still don’t think she’s that great of an actress, but you gotta hand it to her for this giant sack of poo she’s been dealt.

  • I was always curious what she thinks about his Nazi-obsession. Especially since she has German roots and had lived in Germany. I am sure Americans do not condone everything to do with the Nazis but it is on a whole different level here in Germany. If somebody would be as fascinated with them as Jesse seems to be they’d have a really hard time.

    And it is so weird that suddenly she has a new baby but I guess good for her and little Louis.

  • When I first saw the People cover, I honestly believed it was photoshopped. Its surprising news but I think she will be a really good mom and hopefully this will help her get over the pain of her divorce faster bc she has happiness with her son. I think it is weird that Jesse could be into Nazi stuff and want to adopt a black baby. Im confused. He’s confused.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. How could he be a Nazi and adopt a clearly black child. Although there was an episode of Law & Order where Nazis adopted black children so they could abuse them or some variation on that.

      • Yeah, you’ve got to wonder about the timing of the adoption and the spilling of the beans by and about Bombshell and the rest of Jesse’s posse of tatooed porn pros.

        I wonder if he complained to his magazine-illustration babes about the adoption and got a little help in ending his marriage right before the adoption so he could keep his neo-Nazi status undisturbed.

        I wonder if he or any of his White Power gals realizes that the real Nazis would have had them set aside for flaying after they were killed so that their pretty hides could be used for lampshades.

        It’s hard to understand the allure – I guess they are playing at being tough while living their soft, delusional lives. Enjoy the game, little bad boys and girls.

    • I have to revisit this topic for the 3rd time today bc I just found out something that is even weirder. I was reading the Huffington Post and apparently Sandy B. and Jesse had little Baby Louis circumcised in a Jewish ceremony. Is Sandy B’s mom a German Jew? WTF is going on here? I wikied Sandra and found nothing indicating she was Jewish. Once again I am confused.

  • wow check out the side eye on that baby. he’s already posing lol. um yeah this totally threw me off. it’s all just weird….you know what else is weird? google sandra speaking in german! wowzers

    • you don’t just adopt a baby in a month…it said she started the process 4 years ago. But it still screams publicity stunt regardless. Why would a A-list actress need to announce her life to People like this?

      • I agree about the spin…the adoption just reeks of a well tooled distraction to salvage her image. Lots of ppl make money off of her and don’t celebrities often get special treatment with adoptions? On the other hand, perhaps it is just an awesome example of divine intervention for her.

    • You obviously don’t have the slightest clue how long the adoption process takes.

      AND she said there was no choice on race or sex.

      • donnie and lala, why don’t you two fuck and give birth to a rock?


        it will make your lives so much fucking easier.

        “publicity stunt”? save that remark for tools like Madonna.

  • i LOVE her, but this is a whoooole lot of publicity for one person in a short time. i dont mean to discredit the amazing thing that she is doing, but damn, the last couple months THEN this seems sort of contrived to me.

    • yes, she should have coordinated with Jesse so that his secret Nazi fuck fest didn’t disrupt her adoption plans. How selfish of her to live her life and care about another human being.

      “contrived”???? your right…actually she is the bad person (not Jesse) and the child she is holding is actually a Cabbage Patch Doll.

  • Glad she adopted an American child- so tired of seeing people fly to other continents to adopt because it’s the”in” thing to go pick up a Malawi “accessory” child, when there are tons of kids right here who a loving home.

  • That kid looks like he’s begging someone to help him, and rightfully so. What a psycho group of people to be raised by!

  • Its fashionable to adopt kids of any race, except the white one. And ironically, black/Asian ppl do not adopt kids with the same skin color as theirs. Not to say that black/Asian parents and white adopted kid are 1 in a million. That tells a lot. Sandra, sorry, ure a hypocrite.

    • You seem uninformed about current adoption practices. It’s actually much more expensive to adopt white children in the U.S., not that the fees would be a problem for people like Madonna or Sandra Bullock.

      What are you trying to say? That blacks and Asians are more racist than whites, so therefore they don’t adopt white children? How does that make Sandra a hypocrite?

      Sandra has spent her whole adult life in the public eye – how does that suddenly make her an attention whore? The significant majority of children waiting to be adopted in this country are black. So she adopted where the greatest need is.

  • Sandra the hypocrite. Go with the trend and adopt black/Asian kids. The white ones are wrong, they dont suit u well. Too bad uve become an attention whore. Idiot!

    • You probably shouldn’t input your email address both times if you want to pretend to post as two different people; your avatar is tied to your email address.
      How is Sandra Bullock a hypocrite for adopting a black child? Do you actually know what ‘hypocrite’ means? Also, do you know anything about adoption in America? White babies born in America are in high demand and short supply for adoptions, whereas other minorities, black babies born in America in particular, are much less in demand and are harder to adopt out.
      You spew based on nothing more than your own agenda and sensitivities. Sandra bullock has ultimately adopted a child from a minority group, where the need is greatest, whether you like it or not.
      Congrats to Sandra Bullock. She has finally received some good news after a short, but ostensibly very rough, spell.

  • I am so impressed by Ms. Bullock’s ability to keep this kid a secret for almost 4 months. No leaks from People Magazine either-a lot of folks actually kept their mouths shut. She had to take the kid to a pediatrician too-no loud mouth receptionists calling the Enquirer.
    It makes me wonder if people who are regularly photographed have publicists that alert the media to their whereabouts.

  • This adoption process was started 4 years ago???? Are you all blind? Does this kid look like a 4-year old to you??? This is a BABY. HELLO?

    • The “ADOPTION PROCESS” was started 4 years ago………YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

      At that time she did not know WHEN or IF she would be chosen, she did not know what SEX the child would be, she did not know what RACE the child would be. HELLO?

      I swear this site attracts more fucking idiots than

    • I am sure if a star the likes of SB wanted to adopt a minority baby it could be done very quickly. It would not take 4 years to finally get a baby.

      • True, but I believe SB wanted to do it the right way. She isn’t like all of the fame-whores who adopt for all the wrong reasons. She isn’t crying out for attention or trying to push some political agenda. She is a decent person. She cares. Period.

      • Without really knowing, I guess it’s easier to adopt a child in Africa, where there is, sadly, a surplus of orphans, than in the USA where I imagine you would have to go through a much stricter background check.

  • Damn! Some of you guys are so uninformed and then make stupid remarks that reflect your lack of knowledge. If Sandra wanted publicity, she would have ‘used’ the baby to score votes during the awards season. She and Jesse wanted to shield the baby and the rest of the family from the papps and from idiots like you who say she is using the baby for more attention. Also, someone said it doesn’t take 4 years to get a baby. Yes it can fucktard! When you are waiting in line with the common folk and you are an ‘older’ applicant, it can take a while. One things for sure, whoever did the background check on Jesse might be looking for a new job.

    • Jesse was fucking the Nazi Tattoo Whore. For real, he was in on the adoption. They all lived as one big happy family for three months, bonding. Even though they had him in their custody, the actual adoption was not made legal yet. It usually takes about 4 to 6 months to finalize. With that said, Sandra told his ass she was taking the baby and he was not going to be adopting him. The adoption agency probably would have taken the baby away from them in the light of all his ‘mistakes’ against ‘the love of his life’ if she had stayed with him. If the adoption had been finalized before the shit hit the fan, then he and Sandra would have been his legal parents and the courts would decide who gets custody and visitation. Thank goodness his true identity was discovered before the final adoption hearing.

  • 4 years ago my butt. try 4 weeks ago! sock in her purse at the oscars? cmon. a black/jewish baby just at the right time on the cover of people? fishy! ok, really…i guess it’a all true, but soooo convenient, it’s weird.

  • People pre-empted their original cover photo of Julia Roberts to run the Sandra Bullock photo instead, so the adoption wasn’t timed to coordinate with an issue of People magazine.

    Magazine covers get settled long before the issue comes out, unless a hot topic arises, in which case the cover gets changed. If Jesse and Sandra weren’t going through this scandal and had continued to be as good at hiding the baby as they clearly were since January, she wouldn’t have been on the cover at all, or perhaps not until she decided to come forward and disclose the adoption.

    I guess people just don’t understand how long ordinary adoption in the U.S. takes. Sandra didn’t ask for or get any preferential treatment. If you want newborns, the wait is longer than if you are willing to take an older child or a child with handicaps. Foreign adoptions can go faster, but the process, if you work with legitimate agencies, is slow and expensive.