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Sarah Palin: “I Know My American History”

Since you guys seemed so interested in Sarah Palin‘s fantastical retelling of the tale of Paul Revere, I thought you might be interested in this clip from her appearance on Fox News Sunday.  You can talk about American history to your heart’s content in the comments, but for now, I’m just going to rejoice in the fact that this lady is not in charge of my government.

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  • She is just a fucking idiot. She clearly had someone write a response for her. Nice try Sarah, you clearly did not know what you were talking about and now you are using the idiotic word vomit that came out of your mouth to manipulate and in turn retroactively justify that in fact you did know what you were talking about. Use any loop hole you can find girl be we all know you are a dumb-ass.

    Oh and you clearly googled it the second you got on your tour bus BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

    She is a disgrace to women everywhere and all past and future presidential candidates.

  • She forgot to mention he was drunk & was captured during said ride. The person she should be talking about is Sybil Ludington, that was one ballsy chick!

    • Oh fuck yes Sybil Ludington. Every self-respecting real feminist knows her name, Palin. There’s a lot about true American History that’s just glossed over to instill nationalistic feelings. It becomes worse when brainless folks like her try to make the early days of the revolution sound glorious and full of virtue when, in all honestly, shit was pretty fucked up and just because we got a country out of it doesn’t mean we didn’t make any mistakes ourselves.

      • Shae…. if you have long legs, a teardrop ass, & a morally casual attitude, wanna grab a beer?

  • I accidentally saw the original message (and this pathetic defense). What’s wrong with admitting “Yeah, I kinda goofed that” or something? Her refusal to take accountability for her actions is so infuriating. No Sarah, I’m sorry but simply because YOU fucked up in history class, it does not give you the right to re-write the history you so woefully bungled to suit your own interpretation of how things should have gone. My God, one of her parents is a teacher for Christ’s sake!

  • Everyone is SOOOOO jealous of Sarah Palin, that they see F’n RED anytime she speaks. She was historically correct. Women hate her, and they are just jealous bitches.