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Are You Going to Watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska?

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Promotonal Photos

I just remembered that Sarah Palin’s Alaska is soooo close to coming into our lives, you guys. The TLC site has a bunch of pictures and videos up, and while neither make me respect Sarah Palin or the state of Alaska, I still think this is going to be must-see TV. You have to click over to the TLC site to see it, but there’s a clip of of Sarah scaling some mountain and the whole time she’s like, “Ugh! Ehhhh! God help me!”

And I was like, “LOL!!!!”

It’s really a shame that this whole “Sarah Palin existing and being known to us” thing has gone on for so long, but I’m glad that the freak at least settled on reality TV instead of politics. It’s where she’s always belonged.

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  • “I’m glad that the freak at least settled on reality TV instead of politics.”
    The scary thing is that I don’t think Sarah Palin sees this as an “either/or” situation. And neither do her minions.

  • Oh nice…another blogger on the “we hate Palin” bandwagon. How unusual! How refreshing! How…utterly, utterly predictable and boring. You know, we don’t all have to think alike to be equals. Once the PC crowd realizes that – strike that, they never will. God help anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the “correct” lifestyle as “documented” by internet slags.

  • Hell yeah and so will a LOT of other people too….. no doubt it will be very highly rated show. Get over it and stop the hate people… it’s not healthy

  • I’m not an SP fan, but I’m with you, Tired of Insults. I’ve watched & listened the political scene for a long time. SP has a lot in common with many, many other politicos. My question to all the haters, can you truly say that you dislike her because of her beliefs, or is it she a woman? See if you can present your arguments without bashing her because she is female? I tried this same exercise in an office environment. It’s interesting…few can get very far without going after her looks, or her family. Cheap, huh? We haven’t come a long way, baby, after all!

  • I just wonder what would make the writer not respect the State of Alaska? What a stupid and narrow thing to say.

  • When Sarah Palin ascends to president, as she will, and she declares war on Iran, as she will, you and your “minions” will have to step into a post-nuclear Iran. And as you hit those radioactive shores to your certain doom, I’ll be cackling and guffawing.

  • I never used to agree with my grandpa’s politics and we would debate for long periods of time. I miss him. But he told me something I have found to be true. When you’re in your 20’s you’re supposed to be liberal, you don’t have to same responsibilities as an older adult, but if you’re still a liberal after you’re thirty and a parent and a homeowner, you’re just stupid.


    that’s all we need, a bunch of fucking subdivisions in one of america’s few natural and relatively untouched places.

  • That is why I have no respect for Sarah Palin and her followers. Anyone who would hope with glee that others would be dying and radioactive and would consider a person a stupid idiot just for disagreeing with them are not people I would want running a country. And I don’t know why not agreeing with Sarah Palin automatically makes you some sort of liberal freak. You have no idea what my politics are.

    • This is why i have no respect for YOU… you bash Sarah for no reason. And that comment made you sound like a liberal freak. Damn Democrats!

  • Lots of moderates don’t care much for Sarah either. Here in PA, the Republican Senate Candidate, Pat Toomey, won’t allow her to speak at his rallies. He doesn’t want the connection. Sarah’s approval ratings are very low among suburban women in the Northeast – women who at least occasionally vote Republican. Sarah’s negatives are far too high for her to become president. She could win the Republican nomination in 2012 – but never the general.

    Of course, Lemony may find polling data “stoopid” simply because it does not benefit their political positions. Oh, and by the way, I’m just as liberal in my 30’s as I was in my 20’s – and now I have a house and kid.

  • Yeah, because now that I’m older and wiser it should be all about making money and protecting my investments, right?

    Glad your grandpa ain’t MY grandpa.

    Fifty and Still Liberal