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The Kardashians Do Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’

Ten random thoughts about this whole deal:

10. Can Kim NOT do anything where she’s acting like a total hooker?

9. At the :20 mark, Kourtney Kardashian IS Michael Jackson.

8. Bruce Jenner is WAY too into this.

7. Is Kris Humphries in this video? The quality on my laptop sucks right now, but I want to be sure I laugh extra-hard if that is him with the white T and sunglasses.

6. I GET IT. You’re rich, you have a boat, the boat is centrally located on some water.

5. 2:00 mark: We were waiting for you, Khloe. … and your, um, blinking LED ring.

4. Those are THE ugliest gold shoes I’ve ever seen. And no, you do not get extra points for walking like you’re something else in them.

3. Again. Can Kim NOT do anything where she’s looking like a total hooker?

2. Who’s weird cabana-on-stilts/reject from Swiss Family Robinson thing is this?

1. Scott Disick doing anything except being a smarmy, smirky git. Fuck yes.

Well that was fun. What stuck out to you guys?

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  • Kris Humphries is totally in this! At the 1:00 mark, with the shades and T-shirt, 1:42 signing with Kim, 0:28 in the pool with the boys, and 0:48 kissing Kim on the yellow kayak. He looked so confused at the dinner table. He kept looking back towards Kim and just gave up singing at one point. Poor guy.

  • #1. What an appropriate song title for the alien-looking, plastic surgery-afflicted Kartrashians.

    #2. I thought Rob would be a better dancer, have more rhythm, you know?

    #3. Either the sound or the lip-syncing is WAY off.

    I couldn’t watch any more beyond the about the 0:30 mark – too much Kartrashian going on for my taste.

  • I’ve heard Kim Kardashian, when she’s married will take her new husband’s last name. She’ll be known as Kim Hump-free.

  • This song sucks so bad it’s ridiculous, the video sucks even more, whoever edited this video should be fired.. Kim should really stop it with the plastic surgery, she can’t barely move her friggin’ face anymore.. I think Khloe and the husband look sweet together, and i absolutely love the gold shoes…. LOL..

  • You’re such a bitch for doing these kind of coments, they’re just normal people trying to have a bit o family fun. And, hey, you’re just jealous because they’re rich and you’ll proabally never get even half of the money they have.