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BREAKING: Blake Lively NUDES?!

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But before you go and get all crazy excited, her rep has (already) made an official statement that the nude photos that surfaced tonight are not of Blake. The body, hair, and shape look like Blake, but the close-up of girlfriend’s face, though blurry as it is, looks more like Avril Lavigne (ugh I KNOW) to me. But hey. Maybe it’s her. Maybe these bitches are what finally hooked her very own A-lister, like Leo.

Jump in for the WAY NSFW photos of the allegedly-nude Blake Lively:

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  • It’s not her! It’s meeeee!

    Seriously, girl, own it (since it’s ultra clear those pictures are of you). You look great.

  • When does the Green Lantern come out again? In two weeks? Yep, it’s her. Wouldn’t be surprised if she leaked them herself.

  • But why are these photos “WAY NSFW”? They’re just nudes. If she weren’t holding an iPhone you could almost say they were “tasteful NSFW”. I mean “WAY NSFW” suggests that we should be prepared for grainy pics of Miss Lively perhaps having anal sex with a 7 foot tall drag queen or or maybe snorting coke off Charlie Sheen’s semi-erect penis. And while only one of the pics is a clear shot of the face, it is indeed Blake Lively. That’s some PhotoShop job if indeed it’s a fake. But why bother? Seems like too much trouble for too little a payoff.

  • Yeah, it’s here. And she is HOT, HOT HOT! I’m with MissPinkKate, if you are that hot, own it! She looks great!

    • How I wish it were so! But if ephemeral facial cayenne were everything, I’d get untagged from so many Facebook photos. :(

  • You might be a pornwhore! This is just a lameass, and shameful attempt to boost her career if she leaked these pics herself. Nothing says WHORE like showing your naked body to the whole world!! This is a shame, and a disgrace to the whole of humanity the world over! You’re a disgrace to your family, friends, fans, and all those who know you personally. This IS pornography, and therefore considered UNSAFE FOR WORK, or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter! This country needs a return to morality, and decency for Christs’ sake! Nothing about this to be proud of. Our corrupt government allows this disgrace for the almighty dollar – not for anyones’ best interest. What a sinful deed – INDEED!