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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga’s Tri-Colored Hair Don’t

All you skanks out there with two-toned hair should be rejoicing! Lady Gaga has finally out-skanked you with this new tri-colored hair do.

I actually don’t totally hate it. Sure, it’s more of the predictably weird (AKA not that weird at all) shit that we’ve come to expect from Gaga, but hey! Nicki Minaj does similar stuff with her hair, and y’all know how much I love that.

Are you digging on this new look or do you think that it’s just as tragic as her music (except “Born This Way,” which has totally grown on me!)

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  • It must be exhausting to be Gaga. I’m waiting for her to be really outre and wear jeans. And flip-flops.

  • My mom has a calico cat that looks pretty much like that…except, of course, the cat doesn’t look like a professional tranny…
    If those bangs aren’t clip on, they are creepily perfect.