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Katy Perry is Like, Such a Dork, You Guys

Katy Perry just released a screengrab from her upcoming video “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” and it’s pretty tragic. It is better than the whole alien bit she just did and wayyyy better than the time she shot whipped cream out of her boobs, but it’s still a miss in my book.

I know, I know, I hate Katy Perry’s tired guts and I can’t stop talking about it, but I just don’t get this chick. Sure, “Teenage Dream” was fun and so was “California Gurls,” but fun is different than really good and dressing up like a teenage dork in 2011? Snooze. Neither fun nor good.

Do you guys think this video theme has potential or can we just be done with her now, please?

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