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Katy Perry Doesn’t Know How She Feels About Osama Bin Laden’s Death Because She’s Not a Real Person

I’ve been on a real Katy Perry tear lately, but the girl deserves it. Check out the wide range of emotions she went through in public on her Twitter account after finding out that Osama Bin Laden had been captured and immediately killed by someone working on behalf of the United States.

First she was all, “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH,” which goes along really well with her Christian robot past and then three minutes later she was creating conspiracy theories. Two minutes after that she was worried about the troops and then finally, a whole thirteen minutes after her initial Tweet, she decided to get all zen on us and point out that maybe we shouldn’t have killed Bin Laden (you know, at least before we could pump him for information and torture the douchenozzle in public.) This would be one of the only times I think it’s okay to casually throw around the word bipolar.

I am happy to allow for a certain amount of ignorance at home. Everyone’s uninformed about something. I can’t blame the girl for not being completely aware of all world events, but it reads like she pulled the trigger on the “FUCK YEAH,” stuff and then all the layers of the situation started to sink into her teenage dreamin’ brain. Any sane person looking at her train of thought in these Tweets can tell that she has no idea what the hell happened last night or over the course of the last decade.

Shut up, Katy Perry. No one expects you to do anything more than stand around and look pretty.

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  • Her quote of, “F*ck yeah…” is from the movie, Team America:World Police.” You didn’t think she was saying that, did you?

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the proper quote “America, Fuck Yeah, Coming again to save the mother fucking day, yeah”?

  • I guess whoever wrote this article has never seen Team America? Or maybe they just don’t understand sarcasm?

  • haha, turns out the writer of this article is the actual idiot for not understanding that she was quoting someone else and being sarcastic.

  • nevertheless, i don’t dispute that celebrities are almost always stupid and have no understanding of world events or dare i say politics or anything really.