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Katy ‘The Jesus Lover’ Perry Makes Russell Brand Tone Down His Act

We’ve been talking about this for quite some time over here. You know, how Katy Perry, for someone who walks around with her tatas hanging out singing about losing your virginity to your high school sweetheart in skin tight jeans, is still WAY into God. It’s not that we have a problem with religious types (to each their own, ya know?), but we are a little freaked out by how polarizing her message can be. After all, she is married to a trashmouth former sex addict and BFF with one of the most sinister characters in Hollywood, all while having the name of Jesus tattooed on her wrist.

Well, it looks like Katy’s God fearing ways have rubbed off on her husband, who reportedly has toned down his comedy act in an attempt to appease his wife. From The Telegraph:

Katy Perry has succeeded where the BBC failed. The pop singer has managed to persuade her husband, the comedian Russell Brand, to tone down his act.

“Russell has made very blasphemous jokes in the past, but he’s making fewer all the time because he knows that I am very sensitive about this subject,” says Perry, whose parents were pastors.

“You can be frivolous and fun without needing to get involved in that. And I don’t know why that only happens to the Christian religion. I don’t see people simulating sex with statues of Buddha, for example.”

This type of humorless Christianity is so backwoods and ridiculous to me. Most of the hardcore Christians I know at least have enough of a sense of humor to understand that just because something pokes at Jesus or Christian traditions doesn’t mean that the person making the joke is unholy or disrespectful. And then there’s the fact that Katy went ahead and married someone who makes jokes that offend her about the religion she grew up practicing. Doesn’t that seem like a wrinkle they should have ironed out before saying “I do”?

Oh, and Katy? People do attack other religions all the time, but typically not with humor. They get their religious texts burned, or in some cases, mass-murdered.

Neither of these people are my cup of tea, so whatever hit Russell’s act is taking to keep his wife happy isn’t really the source of my concern. I’m more worried about the fact that Katy speaks about this topic like she’s from the 1600s and genuinely believes in what she’s saying. As a gay advocate and woman who makes a great deal of her money off of her sexual freedom, I would think she’d have figured out by now that the Church probably isn’t a fan of her regardless of whether or not her man uses the Lord’s name in vain.

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  • Much ado about nothing.
    She was raised in a religious family so she’s a little sensitive about certain things, even if it isn’t always consistent. We all have our sensitive / blind spots

  • its annoying when women date men with a different personality than theirs (not wrong really,just different) and try and “fix” them. idk when this ever works out in the end. though, i wonder if it doesnt work out, will they get a divorce? because according to like..the bible and shit… its bad to get divorced unless adultery is committed.

  • It’s strange that comedians never denigrate or make jokes at the expense of Islam. 99% of the time when religious jokes are made it’s about Christians. I’m fine with making jokes about Christianity, but why not spread it around a bit. Islam provides enough comedic material to last a lifetime. The truth is that most comedians don’t have the balls to make fun of Islam. They’re too scared. Jesus freaks won’t cut your head off.

    • i’m with you . By the way what the hell was that shit about burning books and murder?? Molls, katy perry is not talking about anything related to that don’t be such a smartass. its just seems like you’re trying too hard to make her sound stupid.
      oh wait, you are

      • My point is, Christians are hardly the most persecuted religious group on the planet. In Ideology High School, Christians are the popular girls that throw a fit because the editors wrote a silly caption under one of the many massive, glossy photos of them. They’re never going to lose. They’re never going to be more made fun of than they are followed. They’re poor fucking sports. No one has a better sense of humor about themselves than the Jews, and they’ve gone through hell.

        So that’s what i was saying with those remarks. Christians usually don’t have a clue as to how easy they have it/how bad it could be.

    • I don’t think that the lack of jokes about Islam is completly about fear, obviously that’s a factor for some comediens but aswell not as much is known about Islam as there is about Christianity. So if you were to make a joke about Islam there’s a good chance only a small proportion o your audience would actually get it. Christianity jokes are just easier to get laughs out of.

  • Agreed! She’s just a lost kid who is rebelling. I give the marriage until 2013, at best. It’s all well and good to mess around with the screw-up guy during your “I’m finding myself” stage, it’s another thing to marry him!

  • That floating Sensa ad is so annoying I’ll never read this site again. First visit and last. Well done.

  • Katy Perry is coming off like your typical insecure chick with daddy issues. Granted I don’t know much about her childhood, and from all reports it was relatively normal, but for all the success, money, and good looks she has, she sure as hell went out and picked a person she feels she needs to “cleanse” of all his “sin” It is kind of peculiar. Instead of trying to change or cleanse Russell Brand, how about finding someone who you have more common ground to begin with and build from there.

    Russell Brand made a career with a certain brand of comedy, and Perry really has no right to come in and play monday morning qb about it and decide now he can’t do it.

    Should Brand return the favor and say “stop trouncing around like a slut in your music videos”? What would the record execs say about that? Do you think anyone would give the likes of Katy Perry a second look if she wasn’t half naked in 90% of the things she appears in.

    She seems pretty hypocritical and confused as to just what is considered blasphemous and what isn’t. I guess it only counts if it offends her or her parents, otherwise it is open season.

    More reason to believe this marriage is a business decision sham on both their parts.

    The marriage will end in about 18 months.

  • I don’t want to hear her sing or learn about her religious beliefs. I’m trying to patent a Katie Perry Removal System (KPRS) for car radios so that I can enjoy my drive to work again.

  • She doesn’t have a problem with sexuality, she has a problem with making fun of God. That’s totally different. Jesus didn’t go on and on about (not having) sex. That would be the church. Don’t confuse religious institutions with actual religions. That’s how sh*t gets messy.

  • I don’t get where you can’t be Christian and love gays and be pro-woman…isn’t that what Christians are supposed to be like, EB?

    And…very few comedians will make fun of Islam, but the ones that do have serious balls.

  • Katy has committed very offensive acts, making a mockery of Jesus’s teachings and claims. I hope she makes fewer references to Jesus while sexualizing herself and promoting opposite of what Jesus teaches. As a Christian, Katy should know that many other believers are very sensitive about the subject of how their God is portrayed
    You can can be frivolous and fun while using sex to market yourself and encouraging sexual pleasures for kids 10-15 years old without dragging Christ name through the mud. I don’t know why she exploits herself and other females in Jesus’s name only. I don’t see her simulating sex as a represenation of the Hindu religion, for example.

  • Can I just say that I came to this story via a tab on the side of the home page that said “Katy Perry leaving Russel Brand for religion?” False advertising, much?

  • You guys have a huge problem with Christianity apparently.
    What did you write about other religions? They get their religious texts burned, or in some cases, mass-murdered. Your talking about the Christians and Jews in the middle east who are imprisoned and killed every year right?
    Jesus helped and hung around prostitutes tax collectors and the not so popular of the time.
    So is it the good deeds that you resent?

  • Idk why peoplemake a huge deal about celebrities and their religions. The only time someone makes fun of/questions a celebrities religion most of the time, that celebrity is Christian. You don’t see people making fun of other religions? do you? If you’re so concerned and if this subject really bothers you the don’t write a blog dissing Katy perry and her beliefs. That doesn’t get you anywhere in life. It only makes you look like a complete dick! and people say why create music that involves sex drugs and alcohol. If you really think about it, how many celebrities to hear on the pop radio station singing about how they love Jesus? Face it, people wan to hear those things in songs, that’s what people are use to hearing in pop music right? So don’t blame Katy perry for the secular music she creates, she’s just trying to appeal to her fans. She only trying to make what they want.
    Oh, and for all the people who say that if she is so concerned about the kind of jokes that russel brand says and that she should just find someone who has the same beliefs like her. Did it ever occur to you that she was in love?