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Today in Dumb Baby Names

A photo of Alicia Silverstone

Sarah linked you to this story last afternoon, but I feel the need to go more in depth with this.  I feel the need to talk about my feelings.  Is that ok?

Alicia Silverstone recently gave birth to that baby she’s been toting around, and not a moment too soon.  It was a healthy baby boy, everyone’s happy – great story, right?  But no. Alicia had to twist this happy little story to ridiculousness by naming her child Bear Blu.  Do you love it?

Here was my thought process when I saw this: “Bear Blu. Bear in the Big Blue House. Bear in the Big Blue House was a stupid show. Blue’s Clues, now that was a quality show.  With Steve hosting, of course, not the other guy.  Man, I had such a crush on Steve when I was a kid.”  Here’s where I’ll stop, because you don’t need to know my further thoughts on the host of Blue’s Clues, but you see where I’m going with this?  I just think it would be nice if the first thought that came to mind when you introduce your baby to the world was something more like “aww, baby!” and less like “Nickelodeon had some quality children’s programming” or “wait, isn’t that a nationality, not a name?”

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