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POLL: What Musician Would Johnny Depp Consider Playing on the Silver Screen?

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So, Johnny Depp, versatile Jack of all trades (did you see what I did there? ‘Jack’? Like as in ‘Jack Sparrow’? Yeah. I thought maybe you’d like that) is considering taking on a role of a legendary rock band musician – if a movie is ever made, that is.

Depp did a recent interview with Extra! where he professed his long-time admiration for this musician/friend, and claims that he’d totally play him if there was ever a biopic tailor-made for this larger-than-life character.

Take your guesses: who’s Johnny Depp flattery-fucking?


Jump in to find out who it is!

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If you guessed Steven Tyler, you’re totally right. I’m going to admit, though, that even though I’m quite positive Johnny could tackle the role of Aerosmith’s frontman himself, I’m curious as to how the fuck they’re going to make him resemble Steven Tyler? Depp doesn’t exactly strike me as a plastic surgery kind of guy, and I’m not even sure the space program has developed the right synthetic fabric to create the rubbery face that Steven Tyler apparently stole from the Russians.

What other legendary rockers do you think Johnny would be more suited to play?

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