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Blind Item: Which TV Actress Gets Revenge with Used Tampons?

Now, I’ve never done a blind item before because I’m usually laughably terrible at them, but this one was just so painfully obvious to me, and it also gives me a chance to do one of my very favorite things.  Ok, I’ve already said too much, so just read the story and then we’ll discuss it:

This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by every body in the group it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over after the group hung out several weeks ago and the jealous actress had a few drinks in her. She got her hands on a used tampon and put it on the driver’s seat of the nice celeb’s car. When the nice star was walked out to her car by the group, everyone saw it and although she denied it was hers, everyone was still grossed out.

Um, Lea Michele and any other actress from Glee, right?  Lea has a solid history of attention whoring and self-importance, and I don’t think she’d be above handling a used tampon out of jealousy.  I mean, if you guys watch Grey’s Anatomy or The Hills and have some inside scoop, let me know, but until then, I’m going to choose to believe that Lea Michele is That Girl who is crazy bitch enough to do this sort of thing.

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  • this is idiotic, but it is well know that Lea gets alone with all her cast members very well.