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Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Made Me Choke on My Carnation Instant Breakfast This Morning

You know, I know that we’re living in the day and age where MTV is more known for its stupid reality shows about grungy teenagers getting pregnant and dropping out of high schoolev, so I should probably be THANKFUL that there’s an artist out there like Lady Gaga who’s willing to actually make artistic music videos, but I’m too busy cleaning splashes of Rich Milk Chocolate out of the crevices of my keyboard to truly appreciate the creativity that went into this project.

I mean, if I were to be super offensive I’d say that this video might be either the gayest or the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m not completely rude like that. Yet. So instead, I’m going to say that this video was definitely the cheesiest thing since Whiz.

But thanks for the laughs, Gaga. It’s always good to wake half up half the house in the wee hours of the morning with a maniacal laugh and a choking sputter.

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  • This is cornier than the alejandro video. I do like a couple of her videos, but, I think Juda, ah ah ah, is the worst one to date.

  • She reminds me of Madonna in every way.
    And it’s kinda nice to see that 80’s Madonna again, seeing that is when I grew up but the video..did make for a good laugh this morning.

  • I really like the part where Judas baptizes her ass (literally) with what I’m pretty sure is beer.

  • Not my thing. Neither was the song, either, though the costume and make-up design was fantastic.

  • Sigh… I just wish her face is prettier. Oh… and what a waste on awesome make-up/costumes. CHEESE-FEST!

    This is a lame way of frontin’ controversy. No more room for Madonna wannabe.

  • Ah I loved it. I loved all the religious references and the whole gang theme. Also, the song is stuck in my head.