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Ugh, Crap, TWO Lady Gaga Posts From Me in One Day

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Did you guys happen to catch the leak of Judas today? Lady Gaga‘s newest video, off of her album ‘Born This Way‘ was set to debut tonight, but some crazy schemester somehow managed to run it on the internet earlier this morning. Leaks, man. LEAKS. The video was pulled down, and it wasn’t up and running anywhere I looked, but hey. I’m not going to go kill myself over it or anything.  MTV has a write-up about how rad the video is supposed to be, and how Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ are sure to cream themselves when they see it:

The video is crammed with religious imagery, even showing Lady G at one point wearing blood-red underwear with crosses over her breasts.

GaGa is first seen in the video on the back of a motorcycle, as she wraps her body around an actor wearing a crown of thorns, while GaGa dons a flowing purple dress, and a gold jewel-encrusted tiara.

So, if you saw it, what did you think? Is it the social commentary that Gaga’s claiming it is, or do you still think it’s all about bashing religion (if that is, indeed, your opinion)?

If you missed it, you can catch it tonight, premiering on E! at 7 PM and 11:30 PM.

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  • The ‘shock and awe’ approach, because she’s got nothing else to offer. Lame.

    • ^TRUTH. I just love it when artists pretend/think they’re being all meaningful and symbolic, when it’s really just envelope-pushing, “controversial” drivel.

  • well, it was a whole lot better than the Alejandro video! I mean, after that video, my love for gaga died that day…

  • Hear ye, hear ye, all who ponder, wonder, and endure this life of stuffy dogma and canned commercialism: There shall be given unto thee a new and wonderous medium of communication and artful expression. But lo, you will not witness its truest form for a time until that day when a Lady called Gaga shall arise. Then behold, new and wondrous things ye shall witness! For it is she who confounds, inspires, and stupifies. Yay, many shall be driven “gaga” by what she will create and will find cause for righteous diatribes, calling the Lady and her great work many hateful things and cowradly names.
    For these are of a soul that is bound and a mind that is narrow. Yet take heart, For many shall look upon her and find an abundance of uplifting songs and inspiring art. Morever, you shall see music videos the likes of which none have EVER seen before. Thine eyes shall be dazzled by wild adornments. Even, her many acrobatic movements and twinkling dancers will astound as she brings new life to the music video with epic cinematic creativity.

    He of you who has an open heart to perceive; let him perceive!
    She of you who has a device that jams digital audio files; let her download and jam!
    For The Lady called Gaga will come to contemplate, explore, express, celebrate, create, and challenge. May ye all be inspired in heart and open in mind. Amen.

  • Nah it’s not controversial at all, I think Alejandro or Madonna’s Like a Prayer are actually a lot more controversial, especially the latter. I love Judas, both the song and the video, by the way. I don’t think the video is massively original but I like the gang aesthetics and the baroque style.