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I Don’t Care How Much Weight Snooki Lost, She’s Still Disgusting

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A few weeks ago, we ran a small blurb in one of the link posts claiming that Snooki lost a couple of pounds. And she did, really. Judging by old pictures, Snooki probably lost around fifteen pounds. The story came and went through the Jersey Shore filter that I try to hard to maintain on this site, and I tried to vow not to talk about her after that.

However? It seems that Snooki’s trying to ride this one out as long as she can. She just spoke to People magazine this past week and had a lot to say:

Polizzi told PEOPLE she was working with a trainer and trying to eat healthy foods. She has also been experimenting with Zumba, a dance class, and even showed off her gymnastics skills at WWE Raw.

“I definitely want to get in shape and be healthy again,” the reality star, 23, said. “But it’s really hard to eat good when you’re traveling because you see fast food – and you want to go to this restaurant and that restaurant.”

“[I have] egg whites in the morning and chicken and salads,” she said. “And if you do drink, it’s gotta be clear liquors.”  Now, instead of throwing back Long Island Iced Teas or margaritas (“Which are, like, a million calories,” she notes), Snooki’s new drink of choice is a lighter option: vodka with seltzer water.

“[For Jersey Shore‘s upcoming season] All we’re gonna eat is pasta,” she said. “I’m very, very scared – drinking wine and having spaghetti all day [would] throw me off course.”

The only thing that would throw me off course about you, Snooki, is if I woke up one day to a world where you weren’t a fight-picking pig with a warthog face, but hey.  Congrats on the weight loss thing!  Getting healthy is a good, mature thing to do, so maybe you could also put down the seventy-six adult beverages that you consume in a day, too.  … But then you wouldn’t have much of a career, now, would you, girl?

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  • I’m with you Sarah, she’s a heinous bush-pig! The only way I’d dive in her knot is if I were facing certain death, locked in a room with knives flying everywhere, & that fukin puppet from Saw said there was a key in her twat. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t!

  • ah, always the kind one Sarah.

    This site’s going to shit, there’s barely any viewer comments anymore and the general consensus seems to be that you’re a megabitch. Fuck it, I’m not returning.

  • All I did was read the headline of this piece and I began nodding quietly in agreement. It just sums it up very well.

  • I’m no fan of Snooki but anonymous up there is right. “fight-picking pig with a warthog face” is way too harsh for a human being to say about another human being.

  • Did anyone notice her shoes are too big for her? Peep toes too, so you can’t stuff the toes with anything to make them fit like I did when I couldn’t shoplift a pair in my size, lol. Many years ago when I was very poor and didn’t give a fuck :)

  • South Park portrayed Snooki Perfectly!! if u haven’t seen it, Google Snooki South Park! Funny as Fuck an as True as shit! What’s with all the Gwido’s on tele these days?

  • She has, and will probably always be looking like a very disproportional oompa-loompa-troll-woman

  • Notice Sarah….only 13 people comment on your site because you are just as disgusting as your comments towards Snooki weight loss. You are probably just upset, jealous and envious that snooki has more fame than you in a little pinky finger than you ever will in your life. You are all pathetic and a bunch of haters.

    Someone trying to be healthy and what do classless people like you do….Hate! fckin sad. But negative comments get you noticed, uh?

  • Personlly I think she looks good (only because tv and videos make her look good I mean they put stuff on their skin to make them look good on tv) but I am also 4’10 and 100 pounds and im almost 15, it gets me scared because she is 4’9 and 110? that makes me feel like ill gain a lot of weight when im her age :S

  • Wow! The crap you find on the Internet these days just baffles me. I was simply searching snookies weight loss and I unfortunately stumbled across this horrible website. This little gossip girl (writer wannabe) seriously has nothing better to do than bash someone behind her computer? What a joke this website is. You and your little followers should be so proud! You managed to take what you learned in highschool (drama and gossip) and turn it into a job because you obviously know that there is nothing else you can offer this world. I can’t imagine how awful it must be that your only talent is running your mouth.

  • Haha, this site sucks ass! You shouldn’t be talking about Snooki, have you looked in the mirror? In case you haven’t, take a look–you’re fucking ugly!!

  • I like snookie when she was heavier ! damn she’s hot either way . but like her before she lost weight ! and all her jersay shore girlfriends too ! my favorite outside of snookie is DEENA !

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