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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Wisdom Edition

Celebrities can be really, really dumb.  We all know that, it’s not a secret.  On the flip side though, celebrities can also be wise beyond their years.  I usually like to explore the stupidity, but just for today, why don’t we go on a little journey through a couple of smarty pants Tweets?  I think we’ll all grow from it.

Soulja Boy: a beacon of truth if ever there was one.  Here, he sagely uses dick analogies to wax poetic on the struggles of love.  As usual, I totally feel you, Soulja Boy.

A photo of Nick Cannon

Wow, that’s a really powerful Nick Cannon quote you whipped out right there, Nick Cannon.  But just because you’re kind of a douchebag doesn’t mean you’re not right on occasion.

Ms. Tila probably doesn’t need a baby at this particular point in time.  However, she is wise enough to know that, and caring enough to realize that older kids need homes too.  Don’t worry, of course I’m not saying that this girl can take care of a child of any age, I’m just saying that it’s kind of touching that her heart is so open, you know?


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