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Check Out Nick Cannon’s Song for His Babies!

You know how Will Smith did that song for his son, or how Eminem did all those songs for his daughter?  Well, since Nick Cannon and Mariah are about to be parents too, Nick decided to follow suit with his own little ditty to his babies.  Sweet, right?  Let me take a moment to outline some of Nick’s more poignant words, just for posterity, all right?

– “Unless you’re gonna make a difference in this world, you ain’t shit in this world.”

– “Don’t be too religious, because that’s just the business.  I hate to say this, but it is what it is.”

– “They gonna hate your skin tone, hate your income, hate your homes and even hate on your moms, hate on me for even making this song, but you are not alone.”

– “Y’all are covered by the father, and your mother’s one of the greats.”

– “My daughter, be careful, but my son, go hard in the paint.”

Ok, really I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew the important messages that Nick is trying to send to his kids, because I know the song itself is damn near unlistenable. What do you think, did Nick do a good job?  Does this make you more confident in Nick’s parenting abilities?  Do you find it as tragic as I do that Nick’s song is so sad in comparison to Will’s and Marshall’s?

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  • “My daughter, be careful, but my son, go hard in the paint.”… Son, play the field, baby girl don’t let any man play you. Mixed messages if you ask me, but you didn’t I know.