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This is What Mariah Carey’s Pregnant Belly Looks Like

photo of mariah carey pregnancy twitter belly pictures

Hey, look, a cute pregnancy bump, and there’s probably no question that it’s Mariah Carey’s. The butterfly kind of gives it away, but I’ll be honest: I’m mildly disappointed that her entire stomach isn’t covered with a massive overabundance of glitter and sequins and all the other Mariah Carey-related ephemera that’s defined her very style over the years. Plus, she Tweeted it, so unless she’s taking creepy pictures of other pregnant women and sharing their photos without their knowledge or permission, then I’m assuming it’s definitely hers.

Also, can someone explain to me the purpose of the band-aids over her bellybutton? I mean, I know that protruding pregnancy bellybuttons are generally ugly as hell, but come on – it’s not as if it doesn’t happen to practically every woman who endures it. Is it that bad that it needs to be taped down and concealed by painted plastic? And is it so weird that I want to see just how crazy girlfriend’s bellybutton looks these days?

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