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Was Candice Swanepoel Caught Giving Zac Efron Head?

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Guess that just blows those gay rumors to hell, unless he was pretending she was Owen Wilson or something in the process, huh?

Supposedly, Zac Efron was spotted with a lanky blonde earlier in the week, and according to sources at The Blemish, there was some serious oral action going on, too:

They were introduced by a mutual friend. They started talking and drinking and then a few hours later, once he had wined and dined her at the nightclub, they went into a VIP room and she started, how can I put this, orally servicing him in front of quite a few male and female friends. They then left the club and went to her house and continued their escapade.

So, in short, this Victoria’s Secret model takes positively no issue with getting on her knees in public. In front of people, who may or may not be strangers to her. OK. I’m not saying that blowing a dude should be demeaning to a chick, or that it’s just for ugly girls like Paris Hilton thinks (isn’t that a hoot?) because I’m pretty partial to oral myself, but I’d be damned if I were to be caught on my knees in front of a dude in some shitty-ass club, that’s for sure.

Think it could be true?

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  • That’s probably one of the lamest rumors I ever heard… Come on, surely Zac Efron wouldn’t drop his pants in front of his friends and let that girl give him head… He’d just tell all of his friends to leave so he could get that blowjob!

  • Candice really would never do something like that! Rumours like these are a little far fetched dont you think? like would that really happen in public….. come on people

  • She has already said on film that she would only perform oral services on three people in her life her boyfriend which she said she probably would not end up doing, and number two would be Zac efron, then number three she said is a secret friend that she would do anything sexually with. and she even said she would leave her boyfriend in the cold to be with her secret friend. she also said that she would even marry her secret friend without even dating him. and on top of that aid said aid has orally serviced another Victoria’s. secret models.

  • Candice swanepoel and kat graham and Emma Roberts all 3 of them they had a boyfriend not Zac Efron they not look like him at all.they guys are cute to me and they are move on my guy Zac Efron.

  • Yes, you can see the video,go to candice swanepoels website, click on video diairies and its titled “my love life”