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Quotables: Lady Gaga Says to “Honor Your Vomit”

A photo of Lady Gaga

“All of the songs on the album, to be completely candid [were written quickly]. The creative process is approximately 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas, in the forms of melodies, usually, or chord progressions and melodies and some sort of a theme lyric idea. It all happens in approximately 15 minutes of this giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings. And then I spend days, weeks, months, years fine tuning. But the idea is that you honor your vomit. You have to honor your vomit. You have to honor those 15 minutes.”

Lady Gaga tells us all about her creative process.

Did you catch all that?  It’s all about the vomit, and don’t let anybody tell you different.  This girl knows. She’s been places. She’s done things. She’s written painstakingly beautiful lyrics like “wear ear condom next time.” Let’s just trust her on this one, ok?  Let’s just honor that vomit.

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