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JK Rowling Is Building Hagrid’s Hut in Her Backyard

A photo of JK Rowling

Aww, JK is a fangirl just like the rest of us!  Isn’t it adorable?

Ok, so JK has this mansion in Edinburgh, right? And she has this huge garden in her backyard, and there’s this little house set up there now. But JK, being the amazing woman she is, said “nay.”  And that’s the story of how Hagrid’s legendary hut is going to be replicated on JK’s property.  The little house is going to have  “a conical roof, a spire, a chimney and stone steps up to the front door,” just like the movies.  There’s no word yet on if she’s getting a hippogriff to tether up next to the hut (bad idea, we all know how that turns out) or a group of centaurs to roam the nearby gardens.

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  • That’s awesome! How fun would it be to be able to afford things like that? I think I’d want a big fancy treehouse.

    On a side note, she’s about the same size as me in the body but her face is still thin. I’m jealous.