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The JK Rowling Nip Slip That Almost Was

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Shows Her Bra, Almost Nip-Slip, at Reading at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling’s Shirt Falls Down, Shows Her Bra, Almost Breasts, at Reading at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater

Just when you thought anyone was immune from the nip-slip seeking eyes of the paparazzi, we get these shots of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling at a reading at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater, where her dress slipped down and revealed her bra.

Rowling blushed and quickly recovered from the incident.

I want to tell you all that I did pause briefly before writing this article, and I thought to myself, “Is this what my life has come to? Am I actually going to exploit a photo of the bra of a respected author, when this incident was obviously a total accident and in no way a Lohan-style publicity play? Am I going to make sure to include terms like “nip slip” and “breast” in the photo titles, so as to maximize search traffic? Is this actually how I’m using my Master’s degree?”

The answer, my friends, is yes. Yes to all of it.

And I think I speak for all of us when I implore the paparazzi: Now where’s our Condoleezza Rice nip slip?

Get on it, guys!

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  • How dare you, you’re all absolutely pathetic. This woman happens to be one of the most inspirational, amazing people to walk this planet, she is my role model, and hero and to see her portrayed like this makes my blood boil.

    You’re disgusting, and Jk Rowling deserves to be respected. I suppose this is an American site because not many Britsih people like me who are very proud of JK and Harry Potter would find this at all tasteful.


  • Dear Con

    The fact that you cannot ake a joke makes laugh so hard I could piss myself. Stop taking yourself so seriously and get a life. This site is all about talking shit and you had to be looking through alot of postings to find this one on J.K. anyway so shut the fuck up already. What were you doing looking for pictures of her topless anyway, you pervert? Get a life. What a loser. I heart the nip slip gallery!!!!

    Leslie Anne

  • Dear Con —

    Please, shut the fuck up. :’D Clearly, you have no idea what you’re saying. This sites might be for your entertainment, but we all know that there are many people who take this shit seriously. I love Rowling.


  • I totally agree with Con, no body should be treated in that unrespected way, I can take a joke but this one wasn’t funny. HOw would you feel if that happened to you? I wouldn’t want my breasts to be on the internet.

  • I CAN NOT BEILIVE YOU PEOPLE Joe is an amazing author who has became richer than the Queen and you just post pictures of her bra showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s disrespectfull she’s not like Paris who got famouse from making a sex tape she is a well renounded author who doesn’t deserve this. I try to look up a picture of her for a project and all i get are 5 pages of her bra showing you people are just fucking basterds.

  • now lets just leave Joe alone and talk about some other person like aaaa that stupid fucking wanabe Vannessa Hudgens or Paula and her “I”m tired of people not treating me like the gift that i am” o ya lets leave Joe alone and go onto them.

  • I strongly believe that as long as is only showing that any artist can have a problem, this discussion is good. The picture of Rowling clearly shows that she couldn’t escape events that could happen in life, including artists(as the author said). So, the author’s intention was only to show that artists are not invulnerable to difficult events like this one, inlcuding the famous author JK Rowling. Therefore, those who are insulting,which appear to be British only, please re-direct your insults to the users who are commenting bad about her. Also, if you notice, everyone has access to internet, so when you say “this might be an american’s site,” it really doesn’t matter.Since another of your British kind could be talking bad about her too. Specially Syd Roh, he seems an unstable user. Besides, if he doesn’t want to hear people criticizing of her favorite author, then don’t read it and don’t post insulting posts. We do not require of your lack of intelligence showing here.

  • Dear Leslie-Anne,

    I can take a joke, but you know what really makes me want to laugh? Your total lack of braincells. When you look up ‘jk rowling’ on google, this crap appears, so why the fuck would i look up pictures of her topless, then leave a comment saying how sick i thought it was?

    You can publish pictures of Lohan, Hilton, Spears etc etc because lets face it, as wrong as it is, no one respects them in the way that hundreds of people respect Jo Rowling. So no, i did not come on this site with the intention of seeing sick pictures, i came on to see what kind of sick, low humans would actually be impressed by this, and i came on with the express intention of defending Jk Rowling.

    So get a life Leslie Anne, who are you trying to impress? Maybe if you ever respect anyone as much as i respect Jk Rowling, you’ll know what im talking about.

    And thanks to all the people that defended me, you rock :)

  • thaks you Con i also didn’t come to see Joe topless i came to see What sick person likes to post people when there like this and then people who enjoy it.

    Joe id nothing like Vannessa or Paris who do this just to get attention it was a acident that now she has to deal with.

    and Alessandro Romanov i’m not unstable i just hate to have people be so prervedted and enjoy seeing Joe like this. Also like you said everyone has accses to the internet so i can chose weather i look and see what stupid ass stuff your posting about Joe and to defend her. o and Alessandro i’m American so ya i’m insulting people who are insulting her and i’m not British. I don’t necciserily have to say “this insult is directed to the people who are insulting J.K. Rowling” cuz the people like Con who are defending her are smart enough to relize i’m not talking to them.

    So all you sick basterds who enjoy making fun of a famouse well known author for somehting thawas an accident and wasn’t intentionall GET A FUCKIN LIFE

  • Gossip is bad period. people know that it is bad and if they look it up it is there problem and they dont need extra criticism from the rest of you. in the end you all need to lighten up and let people be as primitive as they want because they just end up humiliating them selves. JK is a big girl and can defend herself. i will be watching the posts on here as this should be the end of the conversation regarding Rowlings defense and wether or not uc ome her for entertainment values.
    thanks, ur friend

  • i cant believe u would want to c jk rowling, one of my fave others, naked on this sick website.
    and by the way Con… im american and i totally agree with u

  • Well , I love Jo Rowling. She is my greatest Role Model! I haven’t practectly loved reading untill I came cross a treasure deep inside graved in the library. The angel sang when I touched it and fell in love with it. Now why the hell do I want to see this Crap about her…I try and look up something about the famous and only author I love like this! Im with Con but also , not all Americans aren’t like that. Although I live in america , I still haven’t seen anybody like that. But there are people all around the world with different oppinions so you can’t just point out some countrys because of there crap about Harry Potter , its only some people. What I’m just trying to say is , there are different people all over!

  • Dear Con
    I totally agree with you. Rowling rules and she doesn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated. Only an ass would believe the shit published on this fucking webside. And Leslie. please, shut ur overlarge mouth!

  • con, you obviously hates this site so much that not only did you take the time to write a bunch of long winded shit on our blog, but returned to the site to see if anyone responded to your comment. well played con. i totally see your point. xoxo

  • What a disgrace. That was just an accident, it wasn’t a lindsay loahan or brittney spears kindof thing, it was just an accident. This woman (or man) had no right to publicise this accident. Whoever published this is a big COW who has nothing better to talk about. And con, I totally agree with you. :) That is just PATHETIC. F the people who actually want to c jk like this. :(

  • Dear Andre,
    You weren’t’ turned on by your favourtie author, it was just an accident. Only a complete jackass would believe the shit on this fucking website published about my top role model. And I’m just 11 and I don’t belive this crap.

  • Dear Andre,
    You weren’t’ turned on by your favourtie author, it was just an accident. Only a complete jackass would believe the shit on this fucking website published about my top role model. And I’m just 11 and I don’t belive this crap.
    Joanne Murray Rowling

    Joanne ‘Jo’ Murray née Rowling (born on July 31 1965) who writes under the pen name J. K. (Kathleen) Rowling is a British writer and author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. Rowling’s Potter series have gained worldwide attention and have been translated into 65 languages. Harry Potter is now a global brand worth $15 billion (£7 billion) and the last four books set unbeatable records as the fastest selling books in history!The whole series, totalling 4195 pages, are unmistakeably the most popular books on the planet.
    In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip from Manchester to London, the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry came, as she said, fully formed into her mind. “I really don’t know where the idea came from”, she told the Boston Globe, “It started with Harry, then all these characters and situations came flooding into my head.” When she had reached her Clapham Junction flat, she began to write immediately. She began to type Harry Potter and the Philosepher’s Stone on an old typewriter in 1995 and she submitted the book to twelve publishing houses, all of which rejected the manuscript. A year later she was finally given the green light (and a £1500 advance) by editor Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury, a small British publishing house in London, England. In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print-run of one thousand copies, five hundred of which were distributed to libraries.
    Rowling was born to Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling née Volant. She is currently married to Micheal Murray (born June 30 1971). This is a second marriage for the two of them. Rowling and Murray’s son David Gordon Rowling Murray was born on March 24 2003. Shortly after Rowling began writing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she took a break from working on the novel to care for him in his early infancy. Rowling’s youngest child, daughter Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray, to whom she dedicated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was born January 23 2005. Rowling owns a large fortune of £545 million, ranking her as the 136th richest person, the 13th richest person in Britian, and the 2nd richest female entertainer in the world and the 891st richest person in the world. She was also the 48th most powerfull celebrity of 2007 and the first peron to become a U.S. dollar billionare by writing books.
    Rowling has donated over £3 billion pounds to charities and has opened her own successful charities. She has also written two books for charites. These books are called “Quiddich Through Ages” and the other is “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, both of which are written under the pen name ‘Newt Scammander’.
    Joanne is now happily living in a large mansion with her family and has finished writing the Potter series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the final book in the series).

  • stop wasting time on this lame website, con and leslie or w/e your names are. grow up and quit acting like little immature kids

  • u should b one to talk. ur at ur computer tellin us to stop wasting time on this lame website wen ur on it too. ur so effing stupid u D***! u r such a hypocrite. get a life! and no one here is immature cept for those that agree with wat these people r doin to JK.
    now im goin to use a british term…
    ur RUBBISH!
    in case ur 2 stupid to figure out wat that means it equals trash, crap, shit, etc. etc.
    peace and suck balls

  • chill u guys jeez i bet u wouldnt say any of that trash talk to their face so why do it online just be the bigger man and walk away or find out where they live and say it to their face if not shut the fuck up

  • Hey Con………………….
    I respect ur words a lot……….u r right,…………and i absolutely belive u………nottin against u…………..i m not a diehard fan of Rowling……but i respect her coz i know she is worth the respect………but a lot of them who look for spicy sexy stuff on da net……wudnt understand…………i landed up here wid the same outlook………to see wats goin on on the forum…….wat comments people write here about Rowling………and i love reading comments……..not to see Rowling topless…………lol…if i was so crazee about watching such spicy stuff i wud rather see hilton, spears, etc…….hehahahahhahahahaha………….u r right………karishma…India.

  • I want to pound out JK…she is a cougar. Does anyone know where any pussy pics are of her, that would be great. I wanna anal fuck her.

  • I dont know if anyone will read this, but what the hell. All of you who are trying to defend Rowling need to get over it and realize that there is nothing we can do. Whether we like it or not, there are millions of people who love this kind of gossip and are even more likely to buy a tabloid or visit a site like this if they see somebody like Rowling in them. Face it — we live in a corrupt world.

  • You are all idiots. I dont agree with these photos, but we really cant stop them from happening! I do love Joannes work, but im definatley not obsessed like some of u freaks! The only reason im leaving this comment is because, like Syd Roh, i was looking up photos for a project, and saw all of u low lives leaving all these retarded comments! I am only leaving this comment because im sick, and have nothing better to do. Just think of how ud feel if u were in this situation! Thank you for your time.

    Love, Karte M. Lolip

  • Um………… to Werner…………crappy of her. go do that to paris or mariah. they are so much better than her and they will let you do it.

  • you know the guy shouldnt even have posted this stupid thing …i mean who does this ??!!!

  • Joanne is so beautiful! I love her works too!
    I know a lot about literature (from Stevenson and H.G.Wells to Mihail Solohov and Tolstoy or Maupassant) but have never read so enlightening things like the end of the seventh HP book.
    She is a talent.
    Anyone who tells otherwise is jealous of her well-deserved success.

    And it turns out that she is not only talented… but extremely sexy. Such a nice figure like Madonna’s.

  • wow, con, you are a total dumbass. are you like a 35 year old virgin, or are you just in 5th grade. get over it, nip slips are hot

  • I couldn’t believe that JK Rowling is the type of woman that wears those kind of clothes.

  • Im American and absolutely 100% agree with Con. This is messed up. JK Is and will always be my favorite author. So why the crap make fun of her? It happens! Leave her alone! Pick someone who DESERVES to be made fun of- like brittany spears, for instance. JK hasn’t done anything to be treated this way. So leave her alone!

  • I think that you are all sick and need to get a life and stop ruining people’s lives just because they are famous and you can!! I agree with con and I don’t care what any of you think you are all SO SICK!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE!!!

  • I’m sorry to hear that this woman is some peoples’ role model. From filing lawsuits against people who are only helping to increase the popularity of her books, to the simple fact that she wrote mediocre childrens’ books that are basically giant collections of clichés from the sci-fi genre, she’s not really a person to model your life off of.

    My 12th grade English teacher told me that we couldn’t write about her style for a report. We all asked why, and she said “because she doesn’t have a style of her own, she writes straightforward fiction and that’s it.”

    So go ahead and worship her, but as a writer she’s really not that fantastic.

  • Dear Con,
    SHUT THE F/// UP!!! Bc i think u are in 5th grade who’s mom just told u about this BS. Get Over IT!!! I agree with Diyana :)

  • yeah syd roh and micheal and every one else who is defending joe rocks yeah X)

  • well I notice that you all are still perverts exept for HPobsessed001,Hannah ,:( emo :(, and all the other Joe supporters, ROCK ON but to those who are only thinking one thing when you see this (ya know what that is) GROW UP!!!!! O and “syd roh’s friend” ya I know who you are lol, how often do you Google my nickname? lol cookies, you will never change lol.

    >Syd ;)

  • i google your name alot LOL and once again i smell cookies that means i wont go hungry today SWEET!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • hey, u no what there r many people who says bout respect or blah blah, but she is the onbe wearing those dress and it is her fault. yeah once my top of bikini fell of @ a public pool but i was alright. all mens and other people kept staring @ my boobs but nothing really. it is my fault that i didnt tie it hard enough.

  • Hey all you European cunts, how is life up there on your fucking pedestals? You all talk so much shit about our country and the first people you look for help from when you get fucked up by your equally shitty government is us… Get fucked and stop blaming America for all your problems.

  • when are you going to stop smelling cookies? o well, bring me over some lol. Anyway it’s not Joe’s fault things happen it’s not like she planned her shirt to fall like that.

  • I would love to see her breasts. I think she is SEXY!!!!! Make love to her must be the best!!!!

  • You sick minds who appreciate this crap need to keep it to yourself. J.K. Rowling is a respectable woman who should not be exploited. She has done nothing to deserve this. Please leave and do something productive with your life. I am typing this from a school (high school senior) in America, and have had no bad intentions for her. I am sitting in class looking at literature related articles and pictures, when I find this site and all of the horrible things that I find here, I can barely stand it. Could the guy who posted this article please take it down? It isn’t right.

  • Hey, not that anyone rightly gives a crap or that I’ll even be back to this to see if anyone did, but i think the whole lot of y’all need to lighten up. I mean c’mon, it was an accident, yes. Was it pretty douchebag-ish to publish it and put it up here? Yeah. Some people do find her attractive though (I’ll admit, I believe she looks gorgeous), and money is to be made off this. I mean really, if we all got all pissy and indignant about all the crappy stuff that goes on to keep the money flowing in virtually any country, shut it down, and had a little hissy-fit parade, the world would just go to shit. Tons of terrible things happen on a regular basis, and this should be the least of anyone’s worries. And besides, I can pretty much guarantee you that Ms. Rowling did little more than roll her eyes when she found out about this, so why are all of you getting so indignant about it? I think it’s scummy that the guy put this up there, but I’m not going to lie and say I don’t think it’s a little sexy. Besides, her business is just as much centered around publicity as the hollywood business, so by putting stuff like this she’s really only being helped. I mean I’m not gonna sit here and say she NEEDS the extra publicity (I’m sure she’s down-right LOADED from her books), but we’re still making her richer just by having even looked at this website. Whatever, point is that if you think it’s sexy, that’s cool. Chances are, that’s another book or two sold JUST because she’s now on that extra person’s mind. If you think it’s scummy, then either do something about it or just stop wasting your time worrying about it. C’mon people, I guarantee you Ms. Rowling isn’t getting grey hairs over this nonsense, why should any of us?

    Oh and I’m not telling any of you what country I’m from, because I really think it’s rediculous that anyone thinks THEY’RE superior JUST because they’re a citizen of a certain country. We all need each other in some way, so shush yourselves with this British vs American nonsense.

  • Everyone who thinks that she is more respected then other people really need to grow up, she wrote a ok book, not that good but it was ok and I respect that it entertained kids and adults the same. But by saying that she doesn’t deserve to have pictures like this taken and others do is just wrong. Yes Paris is a moron, ok moron wouldn’t even be close to what she is, but writing a book doesn’t make you better then others, and it shows she is human and can have bad clothing mishaps happen to her like everyone else. She is attractive, and us girls do like to know others think that of us.

    And for those who type in search on google and this pops up, why not change the stupid filter to block all the revealing stuff.

    And just because you british, American, or French etc doesn’t mean that you are better
    Heck Paparazzi looking for these type of shots and others ruin people’s life in every country, Diana for one, wasn’t in America. So by saying this is American site or British Site doesn’t make it bad.

  • I agree with Emily

    I liked reading the books but there is far better books, with original plots. I mean yes Harry Potter Character was orginal but in almost every book that is how the plot goes, bad guy kills people, one person survives, and the bad guy goes into hiding to get strong again and at end have a last battle. Just add names, add locations, add some slight orginal ideas, and you have a book.

    Don’t get me wrong, my daughter loved reading the books, and I did love to see her reaction when I would buy her the new one, but to me is she more respected then any other author, not really. She wrote a book it was a success so she got alot of money. Plenty of authors that write alot of books and make alot of money and plenty of authors that wirte alot of books and don’t make alot at all.

    So does this make her feelings hurt that someone got a picture of her clothing mishap? I doubt it. She just blushed and probably was like oops, and fixed it and pushed it out of head.

    All those that are crying over this demanding it disrespectfull, she has already moved on and forgot about it, why can’t you. she will sell more because some will go out and get her books because of these pictures, she not gonna loose any profits, since it was a accident, and if there is someone out there that goes “OMG she is a slut for showing that I gonna go burn all the books I have of hers and not buy anymore” they are the real idiots, and I doubt anyone gonna do that. So no she not gonna lose any money, she not gonna lose any fans, it was a accident people know that. The only way her profits are gonna go is either stay the same or go up some more. So in a way this at worst not gonna do anything, at best gonna give her a few more sells from people who wouldn’t have before.

    And then all those that are knowingly writing the stuff about how they want to do her and stuff, they are the immature ones and are only writing that stuff to agrivate all those whiners from above who say she is their rolemodel, if you all would have just shrugged it off, these immature people wouldn’t have crawled out of the woodwork.

    Lastly, all those who are bad mouthing the british and the americans need to grow up themselves. There is Americans who gonna think she is sexy, even I think she is, who wouldn’t, and there is also british who think she sexy, again who wouldn’t. Just because you are American or British doesn’t change the fact that she is sexy, and she a girl, she not gonna hate that people think she sexy, she is gonna blush some more and smile, and inside she gonna be happy, just because she is famous doesn’t change the fact that she is like everyone else and everyone likes to hear they sexy or handsome

  • you people are on crack or something.
    everyone who’s on camera makes a mistake, there shouldn’t be fighting about jk rowlings dignity. if this really bugged her she would sew, but unfornuately people with is life. move on. idiots.

  • My opinions about this (not that I’m an ‘all-knowing’ being or anything):

    Just don’t waste time here. The fact that I’m here is even pathetic, really.

    Yeah, this picture is sick and wrong. The people who shot and posted this have no life. HOWEVER…who cares? Arguing won’t accomplish anything. If you want stuff like this to stop, you have to starve it of attention.

    JK Rowling is still an idol to me, even if she is human lol :)

    Noone would enjoy having personal mistakes published (I wouldn’t). If Rowling HAS seen this, she’s probably hugely embarrassed, but at least she knows better than to make a huge fuss about it. If she’s seen this, I feel so bad for Rowling, but fuss=attention and attention=publicity and publicity=more food for gossip devils.

    I do have one very big problem regarding this picture. It’s more to do with the perverts who feel the need to post sick messages about their sexual desires. Saying ‘Rowling is HOT!!!’ is fine with me, because I actually agree and that is a compliment. Posting about your perverted thoughts just shows you have no respect for a married woman. Grow up.

  • Oh, and one last thing, this isn’t a tragedy. The pictures themselves mean nothing. People who blow this WAY out of proportion or argue constantly are small tragedies of their own -_-

    ~I’m out! And yes, I’m well aware that my post will not stop vulgar behaviour. I just figured it couldn’t hurt to give my opinion.

  • hey no offence you guys. but you should calm down with the insults and the swearing. i am an australian and i like the british, and i respected every british that has done something great in their lives and i think j.k does deserve respect because she had gone from waitress with a family to a great aurther even though she was told that her story wouldn’t very successful. Also i would like to say that britin has a lot of great bands because i mysef m a musicisan can appreciate that.also i think that everyone is intitled to their opinion because that is part of free speech which is our right as human beings and if any one disagrees you are intitled too

  • also i would like to add that not just jk but anybody does not deserved to be treated in this way

  • also thoughs who say she doesn’t deserve to be respected you probable only seeing it from your side of view sometimes you have to look at other peoples that is why i was in counseling when i was younger nobody ever saw it from my side of view and it hurts that you hate your life n hate everyday everyone laughs at you hates you. i would sit alone not bother anyone and i would still be tourmented and it was bad enough at school but my brother had to make it worse even though he knew i had a miserable time at school and it would be hard to keep your anger under control and even when i was sick my brother still gave me a hard time just because i wasn’t a sporty type like him. so please don’t go think that knowone deserves a chance to change or be something or do anything or deserves to be happy



  • Hello. This is all ridiulous. As Chrisitina said, people are human, they make mistakes. Of course she did not mean to do this. And J.K. Rowling is the best and she’s my role model. I am leaving this site and never coming back, so they get less viewers, so they leave JKR alone.

  • Hey people, If anyone wanna show her/his body, that is not a mistake!!!….If I see this, that is a mistake?….Come on….accept that, she wear this dress to show her body. There are many respected celebrity who doesnt expose themself. She is lucky writer…not a good writer. She is rich but not respected to many people.

  • And you call the rest of us pathetic Con? C’mon, you’re saying that a woman who wrote a series about a fuckin wizard is inspirational, and thats bullshit. And if you really wanna say, “no its because shes a woman and has overcome so many hardships to accomplish this,” thats bullshit too. If thats the case, you need to read some Maya Angelou buddy, cuz there’s some inspiration.

  • You all realize that you’re arguing over a part of the anatomy, right? It’s just a boob, and really, nothing happened. There is virtually no nudity, and no problem. I’m not arguing for either side, I’m just telling both sides to shut up and just go somewheres else. If you don’t look, theres less interest, less publicity, and thus, less people will do this.

    Besides, there’s so many more younger perkier breasts out there for you pervs to look at anyways =P

  • Quite frankly, anytime there is a potential nipple slip or upskirt shot of a hot chick, I’m in, JK Rowling is hot, I know it, she knows it, no different than the Helen Mirren red bikini shot, awesome.

  • Trust me guys, i would love to fuck Rowling up. she is steaming hot!!. i would fuck her while shouting the spell “EXPECT TO BE FUCKED!!!!”

  • Just because guys might comment on her sexually doesn’t in any way detract from her literary talent – the 2 are quite separate matters.
    And as has been said – she’s well aware anyway of how attractive she is.

  • J.K Rowling is an amazing writer, to all you fools who think she isn’t. There was a post above mine that states ‘J.K Rowling isn’t that great for filing law-suits’; she probably filed the law suit because she didn’t want to lose profits to give to charity: that’s right, she gives away millions to charity. She has her own Trust Funds and supports action against multiple sclerosis and anti-poverty.

  • is all this excitment over 2 photos of a bra???? my god you lot must of lived a sheltered life…..

  • Obviously you have never savoured the excitement of a breast brush, inadvertent undie flash during a leg crossing, or any of the other tantalizing peeks. This has nothing to do with a sheltered life, this has everything to do with one’s imagination and the time honored sideways glance at a forbidden fruit. You need to get out more.

    • this is so stupid it was an accident and the who wrote thid article is a pig!!!! she is a great author and you had no right to write an article like that, however when i found albus dumbledore was gay, i laughed so hard i almost wet my pants.

  • Love how the Brits love to dis the U.S and it’s citizens at every opportunity. Go have some tea or something instead please.

  • assesandvagina, do you have any idea what you are saying, constructive dialogue is great, mindless drivel is, well, just that, mindless drivel. The disucssion is erotica, a nipple slip or upskirt shot is just that, erotica in a mild form. You on the other hand are just spewing mindless drivel. I would not resort to saying “fuck me please” to you, just, “fuck you”

  • I’m unclear on the problem here– She’s a British MILF with great literary prowess.. Why are any of you protesting those of us who wish to see more of her womanly goodness?

  • Hey anonymous, was that witty come back meant for me, or some other blogger sharing their opinion, quite frankly it is people like you that give the net a bad name, profanity is the surest sign of a weak mind.

    seriously people, stop bitching, yeah she’s a great author, but what makes her any better than anyone else in this gallery?
    you shouldn’t be shitting yourselves just because J.K. is on here, its not like shes the only one thats had a random slip be exploited, hell it happens all the time to other celebrities, but are you fliing out about them? no. its not like this changes anything at all. chill the fuck out.

  • Ppl, why are you all bringing this crap on her? For all you guys who thinks she’s ‘hot’, she already has a husband, so burn! And, I agree with Con, I’m not going to say anything bad about you people, you all really should find something better to do then give crap on JKR. She’s a wonderful woman, I would give anything to meet her. And I’m in Canada, we don’t find this stuff ‘funny’ or as you people put it ‘a joke’. So, just shut it and go find something better to do. I dunno… go give crap to somebody your own size. You all are just jealous because she’s famous and has a carrier. Maybe yall should get one yourselves and be famous! I love JK Rowling. I don’t really have a role model, but she is really awesome and crap to you people who hate her. I’m 13 years old. I don’t believe people should really have role models but they shouldn’t give crap to people who are trying to live their lives!

  • I personally agree with all the people AGAINST this!!! This is rude and unfair and Jo didn’t do anything to you!!! “Yes to all of it?” WHAT KIND OF CONSCIENCE IS YOUR HEAD?????
    she is my role model and her books are translated in a bazillion different languages and she is one of the most inspiring, respected people in the world. i will pray that you come into your right mind and delete this.

  • losers, maybe, but at least we care that Jo is being picked on for no reason!!!! im American too and i agree with all the ppl AGAINST this. (sorry i dont feel like looking up your names)

    shes got a husband, so get over it. go find yourself a girlfriend and make out with her. leave Jo alone.

    she is my fav author and no amount of gossip will change that.
    it happens!!!! its not her fault!!!!! i personally think that God did that on purpose so peeps will stick up for her!! and yes im a Christian. i dont swear i dont lie i dont do any of that. make fun of me, i dont care. shut up and go get a life. whoever made this is just a freak and they are a pervert too.

    someday this will come back and bite you. im warning u, feel some remorse.


  • ur a bunch of geeky knobs trying to come across like u have something important and relevant to say, its jk’s baps..thats about it

  • That photo of Ms. Rowling staring down at her bosom gives me a chubbie, I’m ashamed to say.

    And she is definitely a milf.

  • My God This is soo hot! I bet she got that daniel radcliffe and rubbed his face in her pussy until she squirted while he learned his lines.

  • JK Rowling is now rolling for the EU. She dares to say that British citizen who want to keep their country out of the totalitarian superstate of the EU are “bigot or racists”.

    That is what some media are reporting at least (sic).

    Who does she think she is to insult more than half of the country citizens ?

    How much did she get from the lobbies behind the remain campaign or is she “advised” by her PR guru to back the dictatorship in Brussels. Nobody knows.

    We all know that the pro-EU and other “eurocrats” will stop at no pettiness to impose their totalitarian view to others, even exploiting the death of Jo Cox to try to sideline opposition or using the media they control for a vast propaganda campaign and falsification to hide the truth about the EU.

    One thing for sure, JK Rowling lost yet another occasion to shut up on a subject she has absolutely no expertise of.

    Now, they even use the useless billyboy millionaire David Beckham to come to their rescue as the British people understand what the EU really is.