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I Wonder if Lindsay Lohan Has Any Idea How Stupid She Looks, But I’m Thinking ‘No.’

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So that Gotti movie that John Travolta is in? Remember how Lindsay was possibly, maybe being considered for the role of Victoria Gotti? Well, even though nothing’s official (read: so far from official that it’s laughable that Lindsay was even AT this press conference), Lindsay showed up at the Gotti: Three Generations conference held yesterday looking … alright, looking exactly the way you’d picture a young Victoria Gotti to look.  You win.

Anyway, my first thought about this entire thing was ‘Hey, great. John Travolta got some new hair for this Gotti movie.’ And then I got to thinking how awesome of an opportunity this could be for Lindsay Lohan. Seriously. I mean, starring as John Travolta’s kid? If it happens, and if she can stick with the whole filming thing without relapsing and fucking up the entire production, and IF she’s even still okay as an actress and pulls a performance off (and I know that’s a lot of ifs), this could be a total career boost for her. A Lindsay Lohan revival, if you will.

Travolta’s words on possibly sharing a screen with Lindsay? “I know whatever she would like to do would be great.” … Meaning “great” as in “fucking fabulous; I’ve waited my entire career for this shit,” or “great; I’m going to go fucking eat a gun, or maybe a dick, because OMG my career is SRSLY OVER.” John Travolta’s a hard nut to crack, don’t you know. Scrap that. I just reread his comment, and I’ve gotta be honest – I actually have no fucking idea what he’s trying to say.

Anyway, is it gonna happen? Who knows. There’s a shit ton that goes into casting a movie, even aside from picking the damn actors and actresses, and if definitely choosing Lindsay Lohan to play Victoria Gotti in this movie is number 4,482 on a list from 1 to 5,000, then we’re probably just on number 2,184 right now.