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Is John Travolta Gay?

A photo of John Travolta

I know you guys, this is a completely new rumor that just started recently.  Crazy, right?  Who would have thought?

Ok, ok but seriously, there’s a brand new rumor about John Travolta’s sexuality, and that’s what this is about.  Apparently, John’s been dabbling around in the gay spa subculture (which really,all jokes aside, just sounds delightful).

Here’s a quote from a little memoir called You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again:

“I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly’s back for years … John Travolta has been cheating on Kelly for years! And when the details emerge, he’s gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout.”

I don’t think anything’s ever going to come from these rumors.  People have been saying John Travolta is gay for years, and unless dudes start turning up saying that they banged John like those ladies did with Tiger, then I am not so interested.  Unless pictures turn up of John Travolta in a shady bathhouse, then I’d be interested, but just a little bit.

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  • Maybe John and Kelly have an agreement. He could be bisexual and have a wife who is fine with it. Why does everything always have to be a scandal?

  • everything is a joke to you people he is not gay alright i mean if was still it would matter because bing gay lesbian or even homo ur still a human being so lay off alright

  • How can people say being gay doesn’t make you less of a man? The man would take it up the butt or give it to men in the butt! How is that not sick and sad. At least if you are doing a lady in the butt it’s not as bad because Men are made to have sex with women and are created to be poked lol. A guy who takes penis inside his rump is a sick pansy and a guy who enjoys hairy men holes is a sick freak!

  • Well, I have other things to do and a life to live as to pay attention to John’s personal life. As far as I am concerned, I’ll only devote time to watch his movies. That is the work he does for all of us. He is not into letting us judge or live his life.

  • Its never been a “new” rumor that John T is gay.. You need to do a little more research. Who the F*** cares if John is straight,bi or gay???? Get over it!

  • I have some proof that John Travolta is bisexual but it’s not anyone’s business. Who cares what he does? Just watch his movies or ignore him. I don’t personally enjoy his movies but I’m not going to hate the guy for messing around with other guys. He’s not harming anyone with it.


    • Wow! Why all caps? What button did we push to make you go all wild and angry? Your language is beyond abusive.
      Then resorting to the ‘N’ word. My, my.

    • You are so fucking sick in head you make want me puck. You are a narrow minded little fuck who needs to really fucking get. Its people like you how cause all the shit that happens in our world. You need to shut the fuck up or find something nice to say. You fucking prick

  • I think Ralphmouth is a real closet case, and I doubt very much he even has a wife. Just come out of the closet, you’ll be a better “man” for it.

  • Travolta is definitely gay. He came onto me during a professional treatment session. He was absolutely inappropriate. I just left it up to Karma….

  • If he did sleep with men he has been doing this since welcome back carter !!! Every one thought he was gay back then.He is a star he can’t be gay ,so he married a women.Would you think of him the same way? He hide it for a long time give him some credit.

  • I know he is gay,he messed around with my boss.He tould me everthing and I respect him as a father but not a husband.

  • Well of course he’s gay! What a stupid question! And he’s not cheating on his wife, she’s well aware of his carryings on, she’s been knowing it since way before she married him.
    People…………wake up! It’s done all the time in Hollywood, Like ALL THE TIME.
    MY GOD, if you don’t believe John and Kelly have an arrangement, I think that if you had the slightest clue of the vast amount of couples in Hollywood who go this route, then I think you are back in the ’50’s.
    And, in the early days of film, it was just expected that the male actors were gay and it was just the way it went.

  • Everyone is fucking ridiculous! Who cares what he is! At least he has talent and brains. u guys r jealous!

  • I know for a fact that John is not gay! I also know he is very much in love with Kelly and Kelly knows it to. Someone said he was gay during Welcome back Kotter. John had a very serious relationship during that series and it was not with a man. John’s love died of cancer and he stayed single for a long time as a result of her death. Of course because he didn’t date lots of girls he was considered gay. I challenge anyone who says they have proof that John travolta is gay. I would have to see an affidavit and proof that it happened. Most gay man would say they were with John just to have fake bragging rights.

  • well if you can see or if you have notice all gay rumors are men who are scientologiest HMM I wonder why? or I mean oh now I know why some change their religion. HAHAHA!

  • True they do love each other but that does not mean John is not bi. I still don’t care I love his movies and also love him as a person he is a good caring person. If he was all man he would not be as lovable as a teddy bear.

  • Ralphmouth says:
    October 3, 2010 at 11:26 pm



    well then.. UNLESS you have your head up your ass, you WONT realize that with THIS incredibly intellectual remark and poignant observation THIS waste of life just gave away who and WHAT he is with THAT comment.

    yo! ralphmouth… you’re a SERIOUS piece of work .. ( NOTTT intended to be a compliment loser)

  • I don’t think it would matter of he was gay or not. I would say that is his business. All of you homophobes out there should get a life, and start worrying wbout your ugly redneck puss instead of what other people do.

  • Ok, first of all “ralphmouth”, nice name btw…(chuckles). You’re nothing but a fucking redneck closeted case that needs some therapy. Who the hell are you to come on here judging people because of their sexuality. I think it’s especially funny, with a closeted case like yourself coming on here saying all this shit when you know you’re gay too. You mentioned earlier in your post that you were going to give it to your wife up the butt? Fucking serious? What kind of “straight” man says that shit! I figured giving it to her up her twat or something like that would have sufficed. You need to think about what you’re saying before you go spewing poison from your “ralphmouth.” Everyone else, if people are gay, fucking leave them alone. Homosexuals have been deemed as going to hell and all that bullshit because it’s a sin and stated in the bible. Well first of all dumbasses who are being negative against gays. It also states that you shouldn’t mark your bodies with tattoos or that you shouldn’t mutilate your bodies with piercings. Ummmm hello, now anything stated in the bible that you “shouldn’t” do is considered a sin, because it’s going against the word of God, but it doesn’t mean you are going to hell for it. God loves everyone, all shapes and sizes, colors, and yes sexuality. It’s not like people woke up one day and said hey, I want to be gay! If you think that you’re fucking stupid and you need to grow the fuck up!!! All that said and done, and yeah I meant for it to be a monologue because I am tired of people bashing gays when they don’t know shit with their fucking pathetic depressing lives. NOW, with all that said and done, if you don’t have something nice to say, then shut the fuck up!!!

  • I first found out John was a fag back in 2003. How do I know he’s a queer? Because his dick tasted like shit!


  • John Travolta is a beautiful man with God given talent. You know, all that other stuff is personal. Let him perform and really entertain us and live his life as he enjoys, personal and private. I have despised what the media has done to Tiger Woods and others and now I am just beside myself. John you live your life. It is obvious God has blessed you with incredible talent. Whether you are straight, bi or gay, will not take away the talent God has given you to entertain us. God is still Blessing you and always will Bless you and nothing anyone says can take that away.

  • this is a column for opinions and comments. Rlphmouth or anyone else has been asked for a commet., He is entitled to his just as others are entitled to theirs.

  • Time magazine reported on his homosexuality in 1991. I am not kidding.

    I don’t care where Travolta sticks his dick except for one thing– He is a member and spokesman of a cult that says really nasty things about homosexuals and also says that they can cure it. If he is gay, and it is getting hard to come to any other conclusion, I would like to hear his take on this. Others have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get the cult to “cure” them of their homosexuality. People new to Scientology should see how well it worked on Travolta. He left the cult once before. Is he being blackmailed?

    His life must be hell. It seems that he is a bald, gay, member of a science fiction cult, pretending to be a handsome, straight, role model.

  • I am so sick of people who are haters. STOP labeling others. We are all human and all need to be respected. Ralphmouth you are a disgrace to mankind…..

  • I detest haters. No one deserves to be labeled, made fun of or to be judged. So Ralphmouth….you are a typical hater…you horrible words will be judged one day.

  • Re: “unless dudes start turning up saying that they banged John” ……..
    Dude, that’s already happened. Porn stud Paul Baressi told the truth years ago, that he fucked around with John Travolta, and he was forced – under threat of lawsuit – to recant his story. John Travolta liking The Pole is not new.
    And it’s not news.

  • I’ve known John was gay back in the eighties. His florist was my florist and he would talk about delivering his flowers and getting a tip … John is huge! And he knows what he likes! It wasn’t until much later that he married … no one knows if his marriage is a marriage is a marriage of convienience. He doesn’t have to go into a back seat of a car, because he is a pilot with his own jet aircraft. Easy to take your “friend” for a ride or let his friend take John for a ride in private and in any part of the world.

    I just wonder if we are going to hear from the doctor who artificially inseminated his wife. Doesn’t matter, even gays can have children and are good parents. If John wants to give his junk to a man … get a life people.

    He is what he is.

  • Alright I know ther are pictures and stuff but Its really hard to believe cause hes like John Travolta x)
    But this is prob just another rumor and probably not true :)

  • You people that like to bash someone just because you are jealous . Get a life and leave the Travoltas alone they are a wonderful couple, I have met them and they are great they live 1 mile from my house and the few times I have seen them they look absolutely happy.They have had enough tragedy in their lives,Let them be happy and MYOB. and as for Ralphmouth ,Go back to Happy days, you were a Dork and Nerd there and A big mouth the Fonz always had to shut you up,I guess he knew what he was doing.God Bless America …What everyone should be doing is praying for our troops ,not bashing people.

  • Why do any of you care if he is a peter puffer? Only his wife should care. How do you know she’s not okay with it? I wouldn’t be. But everyone is different.

    There are pictures. Kelley Preston doesn’t seem mad.

  • He seems like a total cocksucker to me. Look at the slanted smiles and the damn twinkle he has in his eyes…..looks to be total homo…enough to make me vomit.

  • All You haters…..WHO CARES, NOT IMPORTANT! Does it make a difference in your life, It Does Not, Sheesh, give it a break, nobody with any real intellect would even think that way, I’m a straight guy , and I don’t care, why are you so angry about something that’s none of your business?
    IDIOTS……..what you are typing is bordering on slander!

  • Oh for f**k sake it is obvious that he is a sausage jockey, he takes money from sailors, he Is a corned beef inspector, he is as camp as a row of tents, he will tell your age by counting the brown rings on your bellend, like a tree surgeon. He was a fag in the 80’s and still I now.