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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Worrisome Edition

I’m a worrier.  I try not to be, but I really can’t help it.  I think I’ve actually transcended “worrier” status and moved on up to “person with significant emotional issues” – I often don’t text or call people because I think to myself “well, what if everyone they’ve ever loved just died?  Then they certainly wouldn’t want to hear about this YouTube video,” and I have a nightly routine that I do either four or eight times to make sure nothing bad happens while I’m asleep.  Is that crazy? Whatever, I don’t have insurance.  Anyway, the reason for all this preamble is that I tend to worry a lot, and so naturally, I also worry about celebrities.  Twitter, of course, is an excellent means of keeping an eye on these stars, and I’m going to show you darlings a few of the more concerning tweets I’ve found today:

Ok, Kirstie, I get that you’re working really hard on Dancing with the Stars. I’m proud of you.  But there’s a difference between cute references to old TV shows and hinting at some kinky BDSM play.  I know you’re going for the first, but I’m pretty sure a quick poll would show that most readers would at least visualize the latter.  Please consider this in your future Tweeting.

It’s ok, Ice-T, you don’t have to pretend to be the tough guy anymore.  You can hang up that “Cop Killer” rep and settle in to your lovable Law and Order persona.  That’s ok.  It’ll be good for you, snookums.

Tyrese.  Tyrese, sweetheart, no. Oprah is a lot of things, but God’s heart?  That’s not her, baby doll. That’s just not her.


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