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Quotables: JWoww’s Settling Down!

A photo of Jenni "JWoww" Farley

“Hopefully I’ll be able to settle down and have kids within the next couple of years — maybe even the beginning of next year. I don’t see myself going to the Shore in the next five years or so. I don’t want to jinx it — I haven’t really talked about it — but it would be nice.”

JWoww divulges her baby dreams!

I’m going to take an alternate viewpoint on this, ok?  Ready?  I don’t think this is a bad idea.  If you watch Jersey Shore regularly, you can see that JWoww actually seems to have her shit together.  Remember that one episode where she and Snooki had to go to her house because her ex-boyfriend went crazy and she had to get her dogs?  You could tell that she had a pretty nice house, and she had all her finances in order, and did you see how much she cared about those dogs?  And if you look back on it, the only times she ever gets into those trashy fights is when she’s being protective.  You know, when she’s being maternal.  Get it?

In short, I think it would be completely acceptable and totally adorable if JWoww were to settle down and pop some babies out in the next couple years.  Is that so crazy?

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