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LeAnn Rimes: Getting Skinnier and Skinnier as the Days Go By

photo of skinny leann rimes at uconn basketball game pictures photos

So LeAnn Rimes sang the National Anthem at last night’s NCAA game in Houston, Texas, and her wardrobe choice (OK, OK – and her legs, too) did nothing to quash the rumors that she’s continuing her drastic weight-loss tour of 2011.

LeAnn’s been looking wicked thin as of late, and there are a few ideas going around as to why: 1) Boyfriend Eddie Cibrian supposedly likes ’em scary-skinny, 2) LeAnn’s trying to look her ‘best’ for the couple’s upcoming wedding, or 3) LeAnn’s stressed out and worried that Eddie’s going to cheat on her ass, too.

First of all? LeAnn’s a beautiful woman on her own, and it totally burns me to consider the reality that two of those three options could very well be valid. Any woman – or man – who’d endanger their own health for the visual appreciation or approval of another person has got some definitive issues, and I mean that in a ‘wow I’m sad for her’ way. A lot of people thought that this relationship was doomed from the start, because it forged on an emotional high, and I have a feeling if either of these are the case, that LeAnn’s going to be the one to come crashing down. A lot of people would say, ‘You play with fire, you get burned,’ but I feel all broken up for girlfriend here. I think she’s going to have a rough time in store for her if the Cibrian douche is anything like people say he is, and no one’s going to convince me otherwise.