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Kirstie Alley and Maksim Take a Tumble on Dancing With the Stars

So if you were watching DWTS last night, you saw that Maksim and Kirstie did a joint bite-it on the dance floor. Maks took the blame for the whole thing, claiming that his thigh had given out, and that’s the story that I’m sticking with, too.

I don’t really follow the show all that much, other than checking out some quick morning-after recaps, but Kirstie is a favorite for me, and I won’t let anything – even weak, flappy man-thighs – get in the way of my respect and admiration for Kirstie and her dancing skills this season. This chick deserves to win for a multitude of reasons, even aside from the blazing fact that girlfriend can DANCE.

Quit your bellyaching and go do some squats or something, Maks, for real.

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