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Source Close To Britney Spears Says She’s Still Crazy

photo of britney spears busted weave pictures

Yo, remember when those GMA promos for Britney Spears‘ performance came out and I was like, “Something is not right with our queen, you guys?” Sadly, I was right. A source close to Britney  has just blabbed to some newspaper that the pop star is less like her spunky 1999 self and more like “a zombie” these days.

The sources account of an unhealthy and unstable Britney:

“She’s very fragile. Up until a few months ago she was still heavily medicated and popping up to ten pills a day. It’s like she has to be wheeled from one place to another. She can’t be trusted to do anything on her own. Whether she is performing or recording it’s the same. Sometimes she’s like a zombie. Her mood swings are unreal too. It is four years since she famously cut off all her hair and hit rock bottom. But as recently as last year she was still pulling the same stunt – hacking her hair off with scissors when she wanted attention from her staff and loved ones at home. She has lost a lot of weight for her comeback but then releasing pictures like those take any deserved credit away because they are so far removed from what she really looks like. And it’s not just the pictures – it’s like they are airbrushing her whole life.”

See? I freakin’ knew it. And I’m not necessarily glad I’m right, I just know that after someone’s gone through everything she’s gone through that there’s no way she could be on top of her game again so quickly. The woman’s mentally ill, exhausted and still more or less incapable of the most basic tasks. Why we think she’s going to continue to dance for us like a circus monkey is unclear to me.

Also, I really hope that Christina gets her shit together before she winds up in the same boat as her former friend Britney.

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  • Don’t you think that blind item you entitled ‘which celebrity is completely batshit crazy’ refures to Britney instead of Christina?

    “Press junket. A handler has to make sure she wakes up in the morning. Because she’s not a proper adult? She finds her completely out of it. Has to put her in the shower and HOLD HER UP. Picture that please. A grown woman having to be physically SUPPORTED in the shower to make sure she can go and do her JOB. She then had to be spoon fed her breakfast. And she had to be dressed. Like, let’s put on your socks! Finally they get her to the point where she can be seen in public. A journalist is soon expected for an interview. Through it all she’s still a fucking zombie.”

    Sooooooo Britney!!

  • and wasn’t there yet another blind item, listed on this site, in which another “starlet” was going to “pull” a Britney to resurrect her career? Christina????