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Italians Hate Jersey Shore, Too!

A photo of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Did you know that last night was the first time that Jersey Shore actually aired in Italy?  I guess MTV wanted to give them a little time to get used to our patron saints of pickles and blow for when these kids head their way to film season four, and smart move, because Italy is not feeling it:

“They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized,” columnist Roberto Del Bove lamented in the Rome newspaper New Notzie.

A preview of the show posted on an MTV Italia Web page drew some of the sharpest comments.

“When I see this, I wonder whether [Osama] Bin Laden had a point,” wrote one nasty poster.

“Slicked hair, exaggerated narcissism, boundless love for the family and outlandish eccentricity” is how Snooki and company were described yesterday in another major Rome newspaper, Corriere della Sera.

Way harsh.  Osama didn’t even know about Snooki when he made his first move.  And have you seen The Situation’s body? That’s not exaggerated narcissism – if anything, it’s modesty. So save your judgement, Rome and tell me this: when was the last time you made anything as beautiful as Jersey Shore?  I rest my case.

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  • Emily, I’m Italian, and I hate Jersey Shore too. But last night it wasn’t the first time JS aired here. MTV Italy’s been broadcasting JS since a couple of years ago. Last night they started airing JS season 3 for the first time. Unfortunately.

  • That show is anything BUT beautiful. It makes Italian Americans, no wait, ALL Americans look like alcoholic douche bags who waste their time drinking and having sex. I’ve seen only one episode and wasn’t exactly impressed by it. It makes me sick knowing that they make so much money and not a single one of them has a true talent… I don’t think Italy needs to make garbage like that in order to create something “Beautiful”, I mean look at it’s culture in general, It’s historical architecture and over all surroundings.. *Sigh* Half the crap America puts out on national TV makes me almost ashamed to be an American. I do agree though that the Osama comment was a bit harsh.. None of those innocent people deserved to die, but if other countries are watching shows like the JS and even the real world for that matter, I’d hate Us too. We all just need to learn to turn off the garbage and read a book or news paper…Even watch the news.